Triodent® SuperCurve Matrix

Supersnug Non-Stick Matrix

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The SuperCurve Matrix has more shape than the Triodent® V3 Tab-Matrix, which makes it easier to work with, saves you time, and allows you to achieve even better restorations. SuperCurve matrices are color coded, making it easy to differentiate between the sizes. And the new non-stick coating makes removing the matrix easier and faster.

  • Easy placement—matrix hugs the tooth, which avoids any interference with ring placement
  • Easier to remove after curing because of microthin, non-stick finish
  • No gaps in the gingival-axial corner due to gingival apron being shaped to the cavity form
  • Rolled ridge on the occlusal margin

Note: #403316 – V3 SuperCurve Kit is located on the V3 Ring product page.

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