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Is your group growing? The Ultradent DSO team has a vast network of support for you to partner with. We’ll support you every step of the way in your growth. The Ultradent DSO team can provide best-in-class quality products and unmatched service.

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Who is Ultradent Products, Inc.?

You may know us as the creators of:

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Specialized offers on products for your large group is just one of the many advantages of the Ultradent DSO team’s support.

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“As the largest DSO in the country (and largest consumer of dental supplies outside of the U.S. government), it’s crucial that we partner strategically with suppliers that can grow with us. Ultradent exemplifies this. They’ve taken the time to understand our growth strategies and align their support accordingly; facilitating shared growth for both Heartland and Ultradent. They are a strategic partner in support of our education programs; from hosting speakers to loaning equipment for training. They always find a way to make the impossible, possible. They are responsive and are as invested in our growth as we are. They have locked arms with us to provide world class education programs and the highest quality products at the best prices to Heartland supported offices.”

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Your large group can feel supported and confident when partnered with Ultradent’s resources:

Online Portal

Online Ordering

Formulary specific capabilities Icon

Formulary specific capabilities

Specialized Support

Support from a network of 150+ Field Sales Representatives

Dedicated Phone

Dedicated customer service team and phone number

24-hour order efficiency

24-hour order efficiency

Volume Discounts

Potential volume discount pricing


Possible CE support for your clinicians


40% OFF Ultradent sponsored local seminars

Custom Reporting

Customized reporting available for annual product usage

Free Shipping

FREE Standard Shipping on All Orders

See what partners are saying:

“Ultradent is fully committed and cares about their strategic partners to ensure excellent products are produced for them and their patients. Ultradent provides excellent service through their local representatives and their inside Specialty Accounts Customer Service Team.”

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We know what makes practices run smoothly and show a return on investment. Ultradent wants to help you care for your clinicians and your patients using reliable equipment, time-tested brands, CE, and dedicated service.

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Ultradent classifies a DSO as:

1. A group of 5 or more practices or
2. A group of 10 or more doctors

Do you match one of these qualifications?