Inspiral™ Brush Tip

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Deliver viscous or highly filled materials easily with Ultradent’s unique Inspiral Brush tip. An internal helical channel and ridge smooth the product, while tight, adjustable brush fibers minimize bubbles. When placing sealants, the fine fibers work resin deep into the fissures.

  • Smooth delivery of viscous or filled materials via an internal helical channel and ridge
  • Tight, adjustable brush fibers minimize bubbles
  • Internal helical channel and ridge shear and thin viscous and/or filled materials
  • Prevents air bubble entrapment
  • 0.79 mm inside diameter allows controlled delivery and less waste
  • Adjustable fiber length for ideal customization
  • The tip prevents air bubbles from getting trapped in the resin, reducing the risk of weak bonds
  • Consistent placement at the desired location is quick and easy
  • When placing sealants, the fine fibers work resin deep into the fissures
  • Single-use only

The Inspiral Brush tip is ideal for delivering:

Technical Details

How It Works

The syringe is filled from the back of the brush, and it pushes the air out of the fibers before the liquid reaches the tip. This is valuable, as it helps remove the air that is trapped in the liquid during delivery techniques that involve dipping the brush into a well or dish. This air is what often causes a weak seal.

Why Inspiral?

Years ago, Ultradent recognized the need for a tip that would be able to deliver a pit and fissure sealant directly to a tooth and work the resin down into the fissures. Because UltraSeal XT plus and UltraSeal XT hydro sealants are both significantly filled, the brush tip had to allow thixotropic flow. Thus, the Inspiral Brush tip was created.

The Name

Dr. Fischer recounts the development of the Inspiral Brush tip as about 20% inspiration and 80% perspiration. “As I think on it now, I probably should have called it the ‘Perspiral Tip,’” Dr. Fischer says. “However, something tells me many might not like such a name for a dental product. We'd best stay with ‘Inspiral.’”


Helical Channel Promotes Thinning


Tiny Fibers for Direct Delivery


Brush End Minimizes Bubbles


Easy Delivery to Facial Surfaces


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the brush fibers of the Inspiral Brush tip adjustable?

    Yes. Simply pull the brushes out from the tip for broader delivery over a larger surface, or push them in for firmer, more precise delivery.
  • Other companies sell tips that look just like the Inspiral Brush tip. What is the difference between your tip and theirs?

    It may not seem like there are a lot of differences at first, but don’t be fooled by imitation tips. You’ll likely find that lower-quality imitations contain a lot of defective tips in each pack, which means you end up throwing a lot of them away. This wastes time, and it also wastes money, so it's best to stick with high-quality tips you can trust.
  • Where is the Inspiral Brush tip manufactured?

    We’re proud to manufacture the Inspiral Brush tip right here in the USA.