NaviTip™ Tips

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NaviTip delivery tips are available in four lengths and two gauges to easily deliver endodontic sealers, irrigants, and other medicaments of varying viscosities just short of the apex. The cannula of each NaviTip tip is slightly rigid through the base and center, but flexible at the tip to allow for easy navigation of curved canals. Each NaviTip tip is color coordinated to match the corresponding endo file lengths, further simplifying their use.

  • Controlled delivery to the apex
  • Flexible, stainless steel cannula easily navigates curved canals
  • Economical stainless steel material for single use
  • Available in 17, 21, 25, and 27 mm lengths and 29- or 30-gauge cannula
  • Single-use only

Note: UltraCal XS calcium hydroxide paste should only be used with 29 ga NaviTip Single Sideport tips.

The NaviTip 29 ga Single Sideport tip is designed to direct the flow of chemistry through the sideport of the tip before flowing down into the area of the apex, thus reducing the risk of product extrusion.

Use NaviTip tips to deliver any endodontic irrigant directly where it’s needed—just short of the apex.

29 ga NaviTip tips deliver paste materials:

29 ga NaviTip tips with Single Sideport deliver paste materials:

30 ga NaviTip tips deliver solutions/gels:

Technical Details

The Idea

A colleague and friend of Dr. Dan Fischer’s, Dr. Francisco Riitano of Italy, wanted a tip that could deliver medicant directly to the apex of a root canal while also being able to verify the depth of placement, as an endodontic file would be used. Ultradent welcomed the challenge and worked to produce the complex design. What they accomplished was a tip that offers excellently controlled delivery of irrigants and resin sealers directly to the apex through safe, rounded ends and mostly rigid shanks, with the last few millimeters flexible to facilitate navigation through curved canals.

How It Works

​To prevent the shank from “noodling” like wet spaghetti, the NaviTip tip has a design that is rigid for most of the length, with the final 5mm annealed for flexibility. This flex allows “snake-like” navigation through curved canals. To further enable this, we developed the tip with a round outer edge so it wouldn’t ledge while navigating to the apex.

NaviTip 31 ga Tip with Sideport Irrigator and NaviTip FX Tip

The NaviTip Double Sideport Irrigator tip protects against apical extrusion of irrigants by reducing the mean apical pressure as compared with open-ended or beveled tip designs.1 When cleaning and scrubbing canals, try the NaviTip FX tip. It possesses the same great characteristics as the original NaviTip tip, but its flocked cannula allows dentist to scrub, clean, and irrigate simultaneously, saving time and effort.

Sold Directly to Licensed Dental Professionals Only

Ultradent is committed to supporting the dental community. It’s important that all treatments with Ultradent products are administered by a professional, ensuring patients have a safe and pleasant experience.

Made in the USA

All NaviTip tips are manufactured at Ultradent’s facility in Utah. By purchasing products manufactured in the USA, you’re supporting our nation’s economy, and you’re helping to provide jobs for hundreds of Americans who take pride in what they do.


Small, Flexible Cannula for Easy Delivery


NaviTip tip’s small, flexible cannula easily delivers endodontic irrigants and sealers from the bottom of the apex to the top of the canal, eliminating air bubbles.


Radiographic images show NaviTip tip’s ability to navigate curved canals all the way to the apex to deliver endodontic sealers, irrigants, and medicaments.


NaviTip tip’s apical delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can NaviTip tips deliver irrigants other than those manufactured by Ultradent?

    Yes! NaviTip tips are designed to work with your technique and the products you already use.
  • I love the idea of apical delivery, but I’m concerned about the possibility that some medicaments may get expressed past the apex. Do NaviTip tips help prevent that?

    NaviTip tips deliver from the tip’s end, which means there is a slight possibility that some medicaments may get expressed past the apex. When delivering sodium hypochlorite and the like, we recommend using the NaviTip 31 ga Tip with Double Sideport Irrigator. It’s uniquely designed to express the chemicals out of the side of the tip, which makes delivery safer.
  • What happens if the NaviTip tip pops off the syringe?

    NaviTip tips are designed with Lok-Tite™ threads. If properly fastened, they will not pop off the syringe.

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  • 1. Beus C, Safavi K, Stratton J, Kaufman B. Comparison of the effect of two endodontic irrigation protocols on the elimination of bacteria from root canal system: a prospective, randomized clinical trial. J Endod. 2012;38(11):1479–1483. doi:10.1016/j.joen.2012.07.005