Opal™ Seal

Fluoride-Releasing and Recharging Primer and Sealant

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Instructions for Use (IFU)

Opal Seal 38%-filled primer and sealant is used to prepare etched enamel for orthodontic bonding. Apply a thin layer of Opal Seal primer to etched enamel prior to bracket placement to recharge fluoride uptake.1

  • Releases and recharges fluoride1
  • 38% filled with glass ionomer fillers plus nanofillers for long-lasting strength
  • Nonyellowing and stain resistant
  • Drying agent seeks out moisture and draws resin in, ensuring superior bonding and fluoride uptake
  • Fluorescent properties make reapplication and removal easy and convenient
  • Use with Metal Opal™ Seal Tip
  • 1. Data on file.