How to Whiten Teeth With Braces

Monday, March 20, 2023

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Although it’s not a well-known fact, it is possible to whiten teeth during orthodontic treatment. Even those wearing braces can benefit from products such as Opalescence Go™ whitening because of the way our products at Ultradent work.

A popular question we get asked is, “But will it whiten under braces?”

The answer is yes. Since whitening works as peroxide penetrates the tooth and spreads throughout, even the part of a tooth covered by the bracket will whiten.1

What’s more, products like Opalescence Go whitening can actually benefit a dental patient’s oral health. Many whitening products by Ultradent contain potassium nitrate and fluoride (PF). Opalescence™ gels are designed to maximize comfort and are made of at least 20% water content to help prevent dehydration. Opalescence gel is effective in helping reduce shade relapse as compared to competitor tooth whitening products.2

Opalescence whitening before
Opalescence whitening after

Photos courtesy of Dr. Jaleena Jessop

As you can see, whitening teeth with braces can be easy and effective with Opalescence™ teeth whitening products. As the #1 professional teeth whitening brand on the planet, you know you can trust Opalescence teeth whitening to deliver the best whitening products.

How to Use Opalescence Go Teeth Whitening Trays with Braces

Here’s how we suggest explaining to your dental patients how to whiten teeth with braces. You’ll find it surprisingly easy and similar to using our teeth whitening trays without orthodontia.

Step 1: Remove whitening trays from their package

Removing whitening trays from their package

Step 2: Position tray on teeth (and over the dental brackets)

Position tray on teeth

Step 3: Bite firmly, then suck on tray for 2 seconds

Step 4: Remove outer tray, leaving the white inner tray on teeth

Position tray on teeth

Step 5: Repeat the process for the lower tray

Position tray on teeth

Click the video below for a quick tutorial.

So, you can whiten teeth, but do Opalescence™ whitening products offer other benefits?

Opalescence Go whitening trays (and other Opalescence whitening products) contain peroxides. While its concentration is gentle, it effectively removes biofilm from around teeth, gums, and brackets, helping to keep your patient’s mouth healthier overall.

Opalescence whitening obsorbing into tooth

We all know that brushing around braces can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help make things a little easier. Pass them along to your patients:

  • Removing rubber bands before brushing can help with accessing hard-to-reach places
  • Use a small toothbrush to carefully clean around brackets, wires, and pins
  • Rinse with water thoroughly after brushing
  • Use a floss threader to reach under archwires
  • Use waxed floss, as unwaxed floss is more likely to get stuck in braces

Other related products by Ultradent

Opalescence™ Whitening Toothpaste

Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste is an easy way to maintain a bright, white smile, even with braces. This professional whitening toothpaste contains sodium fluoride to help prevent cavities and strengthen enamel.3 With its superior fluoride release and uptake, this toothpaste by Ultradent is a great way for your dental patients to maintain their results following a whitening treatment.

Opalpix™ Interproximal Cleaners

Oral care and hygiene routines are typically more complicated for those with braces than for those without. Luckily, Ultradent has come up with an additional product to help make life with braces and retainers a little easier.

Opalpix interproximal cleaners are designed to clean between the teeth and around bonded retainers. With the perfect balance of flexibility and rigidity, dental patients are able to effectively clean around dental brackets, even in tight contact spaces. Opalpix toothpicks would make a wonderful addition to any take-home care package or kit for dental patients, especially those with orthodontia.

Read more about how Opalpix toothpicks managed to save the day at a family barbeque here!

Gishy Goo Silicone Bracket Relief Aid

Gishy Goo™ material is a silicone bracket relief aid for orthodontia patients. With its specially formulated polyvinyl siloxane elastomer, patients can find more comfort while wearing orthodontic appliances such as brackets, lingual braces, molar tubes, fixed and functional appliances, mouthguards, and other applications where soft tissues can be protected. Gishy Goo material also remains in place better than traditional dental wax, providing long-lasting comfort to patients’ lips, cheeks, and tongue.

UltraEZ™ Desensitizing Gel

Some dental patients experience tooth sensitivity after whitening, and orthodontia will not prevent that. For those seeking relief from tooth sensitivity, UltraEZ gel quickly treats sensitivity from tooth whitening, thermal and chemical changes, toothbrush abrasion, and more. Its sustained-release potassium nitrate and fluoride formula offers immediate results and is available in both syringes and prefilled disposable trays.

For more information on teeth whitening with braces, contact your Ultradent area representative today.

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