OpalDam™ and OpalDam™ Green

Light-Cured Resin Barriers

OpalDam light-cured resin barrier is a passively adhesive (sealing) methacrylate-based resin barrier used for isolating tissue adjacent to teeth being whitened. For single-tooth whitening, it may be used to protect adjacent teeth. OpalDam resin barrier is light reflecting to minimize heat and tissue sensitivity during curing. OpalDam Green resin barrier ensures a safe, unmistakable barrier every time.

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Technical Details

Easy to Place

OpalDam and OpalDam Green resin barriers are easily expressed directly where they’re needed in the mouth via the simple syringe-and-tip delivery.

Easy to Remove

OpalDam and OpalDam Green resin barriers remove easily from the mouth. Simply use an explorer or other instrument to cleanly break the cured resin from undercuts and discard.

Perfect for In-Office Whitening Procedures…

When whitening agents with higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide are used, they can irritate the gingiva. Expressing a ribbon of OpalDam or OpalDam Green resin barriers along the gingival margin protects the soft tissues, keeping them comfortable during treatment.

...and So Much More!

In addition to the traditional use with whitening procedures, OpalDam and OpalDam Green resin barriers are extremely versatile and can be used:

  • To prevent saliva leakage around the rubber dam clamp
  • To help hold a matrix in place around a severely compromised tooth
  • To protect the soft tissue from air abrasion
  • Any time you’re using a harsh chemical near the tissue


Protects Soft Tissues

OpalDam and OpalDam Green resin barriers can be used to protect the soft tissues any time a harsh chemical is used nearby.




OpalDam Green

Seal Matrices into Place

When a matrix doesn’t fit well around a severely compromised tooth, use OpalDam or OpalDam Green resin barriers to hold the matrix in place.



OpalDam Resin Barrier Application

See Instructions for Use for complete instructions, warnings, and precautions.

Step 1

Apply OpalDam resin barrier 4–6 mm wide on the gingiva. Seal interproximal spaces. Overlap resin approximately 0.5mm onto dry enamel to seal. Extend resin one tooth beyond last tooth whitened. Light cure with a scanning motion for 20 seconds.

Step 2

Remove cured resin quickly and easily in one piece or a few large pieces. Check interproximally for retained resin. OpalDam and OpalDam Green resin barriers are designed to remove easily from embrasures and undercuts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between OpalDam and OpalDam Green resin barriers?

    Only the color. Many clinicians prefer to use OpalDam Green resin barrier during an Opalescence Boost in-office whitening procedure because the green color contrasts so well with the color of the teeth, gingiva, and bleaching gel.

  • How long does OpalDam resin barrier need to be cured before its polymerized?

    Light cure OpalDam and OpalDam Green resin barriers for 20 seconds using a scanning motion. Always be sure to check the resin with an explorer to make sure it’s completely polymerized.

  • Are OpalDam and OpalDam Green resin barriers gluten free?