OsteoGen® Bone Grafts

Dental Bone Grafting Plugs and Strips

The OsteoGen® Plug by Impladent® is a dental bone grafting plug that combines non-ceramic OsteoGen® bioactive resorbable calcium apatite crystals with a type I bovine achilles tendon collagen matrix. OsteoGen®️ Bone Grafting Strips, also by Impladent®, similarly infuse a bioactive resorbable calcium apatite bone graft into a flexible collagen strip. With OsteoGen® bone grafts there is no need for particulate mixing/packing and no need for a membrane. OsteoGen® Strips also easily conform to the grafting site and eliminate the problems associated with particulate migration. The OsteoGen® bone grafting crystals are a calcium phosphate-based bone graft, with a unique Ca:P ratio, that mimics the composition of human bone. It is NOT a β-TCP, a dense ceramic HA, or a biphasic mixture of the two. OsteoGen® bone grafts are radiolucent when placed, but will become radiopaque within 3–6 months when the graft has been replaced with host bone tissue.

  • Non-ceramic bioactive calcium apatite crystals within a type I bovine achilles tendon collagen matrix
  • Resorbable—replaced by host bone tissue in 3–6 months
  • Easy placement—no membrane or particulate mixing/packing required
  • OsteoGen® Strips are flexible and easily conform to the grafting site, reducing particulate migration
  • OsteoGen® Strips are useful for mineralized collagen covers and scaffolds, sinus lifts, and ridge expansions
  • OsteoGen® Plug available in three sizes: Slim, Large, Extra Large
  • OsteoGen® Strips available in two sizes: Small and Large
  • 4-year shelf life from date of manufacture
  • Manufactured by Impladent® Ltd. Jamaica, NY
OsteoGen® Plug
OsteoGen microscopic closeup

Dental Bone Grafts Made Simple and Affordable

The OsteoGen® plug by Impladent® is a remarkable one-step dental bone grafting innovation. It contains calcium apatite crystals that create a gradually resorbing bioactive structure that mimics the characteristics of real bone and assists in host bone formation. It is simple to place and, unlike other grafts, with the OsteoGen® plug there is no need to cover the grafted site with a membrane after placement.

The collagen matrix that carries the bone graft efficiently absorbs and delivers blood to the graft during resorption—a crucial factor for the successful formation of new host bone tissue. The collagen matrix also provides a scaffold for keratinized tissue to develop over the grafted site.

Over 3–6 months, the bone graft will gradually be replaced by host bone tissue. As it resorbs, the graft will turn from radiolucent to radiopaque. Once fully radiopaque, sufficient host bone has formed and implant placement can now be achieved.

OsteoGen® sizing guide

OsteoGen® plug is available in three sizes to suit any dental bone grafting need. Requiring less time and materials than traditional dental bone grafts, the OsteoGen® plug is the most efficient, affordable, and innovative way to clinically deliver dental bone grafts available on the market today.

OsteoGen microscopic closeup

Five Steps to Successful Bone Grafting

OsteoGen guided step 1

Step 1: Extract the tooth and thoroughly debride the site to increase the healing capacity of the affected tissues.1

OsteoGen guided step 2

Step 2: Insert the OsteoGen® plug to deliver the bone graft and absorb the blood flow. This will stabilize the clot and initiate early bone formation and angiogenesis.

OsteoGen guided step 3

Step 3: Approximate the tissue and crisscross suture over the top to keep OsteoGen® bone grafting plug in place. There is no need to use a membrane to cover the site.

OsteoGen guided step 4

Step 4: While the OsteoGen® plug resorbs, the OsteoGen® bone graft crystals create a slowly resorbing bioactive scaffold for bone formation while the collagen provides a scaffold for developing tissue.

OsteoGen guided step 5

Step 5: Depending on your patient’s case, the OsteoGen® crystals will resorb over 3–6 months and will turn from radiolucent to radiopaque—which indicates sufficient bone formation.

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OsteoGen Strip

Flexible Bone Grafting Strips

OsteoGen®️ Bone Grafting Strips by Impladent® infuse a bioactive resorbable calcium apatite bone graft into a flexible type I bovine achilles tendon collagen strip. This innovation eliminates the problems associated with particulate migration or wash out. The flexible strips easily conform to the grafting site and can be used around immediate implant placements.

OsteoGen® Bone Grafting Strips are also useful as:

  • A mineralized collagen cover to contain particulates in extraction sites
  • A mineralized scaffold for added growth factors or autologous serum
  • Sinus lifts, in place of particulates
  • Easy and effective ridge expansions
  1. Frost, HM. The regional acceleratory phenomenon: a review. Henry Ford Hosp Med J. 1983; 31(1):3–9