Tongue, Lip, and Cheek Retractor

An Innovative Soft Tissue Retractor Offering Exceptional Access, Isolation, and Comfort

Umbrella product shot

The Retractor You've Always Wanted

The innovative Umbrella tongue, lip, and cheek retractor is a disposable retractor that provides clear access to all areas of the mouth while prioritizing patient comfort. Rather than pulling or stretching the lips, it gently and naturally helps the patient hold their mouth open thanks to its durable, yet flexible, spring-like design. The Umbrella cheek retractor prevents triggering the gag reflex for most patients and helps channel saliva for efficient evacuation. Its innovative tongue guard also allows the tongue to comfortably remain away from the working area. It is easy to place and features anatomically positioned bumpers for you to rest a hand without causing discomfort to the patient. These benefits combine to make the procedure easier, and provide a better overall experience for both clinician and patient.

Perfect for Every Procedure

The Umbrella cheek retractor is ideal for a variety of procedures that require clear access without compromising patient comfort, including but not limited to:

  • Optimal Visibility

    Achieve optimal visibility for any procedure by opening the mouth wide and retracting the tongue, lips, and cheeks at the same time.

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  • Optimal Access

    Crowns, veneers, inlays/onlays, anterior and posterior restorations are all made easier thanks to optimal access to all regions of the mouth.

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  • Bite Check

    Improve efficiency for any restoration with the ability to fully close the mouth and check for proper occlusion without removing the retractor.

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  • In-Office Whitening

    Easily place OpalDam™ resin barriers and Opalescence™ Boost™ whitening gel for in-office teeth whitening procedures.

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  • Direct Bracket Bonding

    Lip and cheek retraction allow for improved access and efficiency during direct bracket bonding for orthodontia.

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  • Indirect Bracket Bonding

    Improved access provided by comfortable retraction also aids in assuring a complete cure for indirect bracket bonding.

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  • Dual Arch Impression

    Hold the mouth open wide to comfortably and quickly place a dual arch impression tray while still allowing the mouth to fully close.

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  • Full Arch Impression

    Placing an impression tray pre-loaded with Thermo Clone™ impression material is faster and easier when you use the Umbrella retractor.

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  • Bite Registration

    Place Thermo Clone™ bite registration material using the Umbrella retractor to keep the mouth open, while still allowing for full occusion.

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  • Umbrella

    And More...

    From regular cleanings to dental implants, intraoral scanning, surgical procedures and more, the Umbrella retractor will make any procedure easier without sacrificing patient comfort.

Tongue, Lip, and Cheek Retraction Done Right

Step 1

Simply press the tabs on the Umbrella tongue, lip, and cheek retractor together, ensuring the arrows on the top tab are pointing up, to prepare for insertion.

Do not place the retractor upside down.

Step 2

Ask the patient to place the tip of their tongue on the roof of their mouth.

Step 3

Choose one side of the mouth in which to start, and then comfortably insert the other side of the retractor into the cheek.

Step 4

Use the tabs to center the retractor with the patient’s mouth.

Step 5

Check that the patient’s tongue is resting comfortably behind the guard, ensuring easy access.

Do not place the tongue guard on top of the patient’s tongue.

State-of-the-Art Design

Natural spring-like action allows the patient to comfortably and effortlessly keep their mouth open for an entire procedure, while letting them fully close their mouth to check occlusion.

Anatomically positioned bumpers allow you to rest your hand on the patient’s mouth during a procedure without hurting the patient.

Innovative tongue guard provides retraction by resting comfortably under the tongue, keeping the tongue up and away from the working area.

Designed for convenience, the Umbrella retractor is disposable. To avoid contamination, it should be discarded after use.

Prioritizing Patient Comfort

The spring-like action of the Umbrella soft tissue retractor allows the patient to comfortably and effortlessly keep their mouth open for the duration of a procedure. After easy placement, it will naturally prop open a patient's mouth without uncomfortably pulling or stretching their lips and allows them to relax their jaw to reduce muscle fatigue. Perfect for gaggers or anxious patients, the Umbrella retractor keeps the tongue up and out of the way. It also opens the space between the teeth, lips, and cheeks in a way that encourages saliva to accumulate away from the dentition—thus improving access for HVE.