Thermo Clone™ VPS

Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material

Thermo Clone VPS impression material is specially engineered to create precise, consistent impressions. The VPS material begins setting when it is placed in the patient’s mouth for a faster working time and to help prevent distortion.

  • Thermal-accelerated set allows for a faster intraoral setting time
  • Premium vinyl polysiloxane produces reliable, consistent outcomes
  • Super hydrophilic material adapts well to a wet environment
  • Thixotropic properties allow the material to flow into the spaces between teeth to capture every essential detail, including the margin
  • High tear strength
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Regular and Fast set times
  • Unique easy-to-install dynamic mixing tip and 380 ml cartridges are compatible with any automatic mixing machine
  • Bubble Gum scent
  • Use 50 ml cartridges with Impression Mixing tips and IntraOral tips
  • Use 380 ml Jumbo cartridges with Dynamic Mixing tips

The accuracy of any impression material, including Thermo Clone VPS, can be increased with the use of Ultradent’s Tissue Management System. Creating profound hemostasis and then defined margins with Ultrapak knitted retraction cord is paramount before making any impression.

Purchase mixing tips for Thermo Clone VPS here.

Technical Details

Thermal-Accelerated Set

​​​​​​Thermo Clone impression material is temperature sensitive. This means that as the temperature of the material increases, the setting time decreases. We call this Thermal-Accelerated Set.

At room temperature, Thermo Clone material stays malleable, with a working time of up to 1:30. Once the tray is placed in the patient’s mouth, the material rapidly begins to set due to the increased temperature. This accelerated setting time means there’s less chance of distortion. See below for a comparison of setting times for Thermo Clone material versus a leading competitor. Both tests were conducted on heavy body fast set materials. The materials were placed into an environment that simulated a patient’s mouth and were continually tested to determine the setting stage.

Note: The Critical Zone denotes the time between when the material starts to set intraorally and when it is completely set. This is when distortions most often occur, resulting in extra lab work, poorly fitting restorations, and costly retakes.

  1. Thermo Clone material has a working time of up to 1:30.
There is no minimum working time; Thermal-Accelerated Set ensures that the material begins to set as soon as it is placed in the patients’ mouth
  2. Thermo Clone material is out of the critical zone in 80 seconds. 
  3. In this data set, Themo Clone material was fully set 90 seconds after 
being placed in the simulated mouth.*

*Please refer to the Instructions for Use for recommended intraoral time.

  1. The competitor’s material has a maximum and minimum working time of 35 seconds. The material begins to set at the same time regardless of when it is placed in the mouth.
  2. The material stays in the Critical Zone for 3:30.
3. In this data set, the material was completely set 3:55 after being placed in the simulated mouth.

Hydrophilic Formula

​Thermo Clone VPS material is hydrophilic, which means it works best in the oral cavity. The Thermo Clone material will spread out flat on all moist surfaces, capturing exact details of the teeth.

High Tear Strength

Thermo Clone impression material is designed to have a high tear strength, so you can remove the impression confidently from the patient’s mouth without having to worry about breaks or tears.

Excellent Dimensional Stability

The dimensional stability of Thermo Clone impression material ensures the impression arrives at the lab in the same condition it left your office.