Chromaclone™ PVS

Hydrophilic Polyvinyl Siloxane Impression Material

Chromaclone PVS impression material captures even the smallest details, enabling you to make effective impressions the first time, every time. Its extremely low contact angle allows it to flow deep into the sulcus for highly visible margins.

The material is super hydrophilic not only during application, but also during immediate pouring of gypsum. It contains special reinforcing branched silicone resins for superior tear resistance so impressions can be easily removed. And its elastic recovery ensures dimensional stability for weeks, allowing you to pour at your convenience.

  • Hydrophilic and thixotropic
  • Dimensionally stable with great elastic recovery
  • Allows you to pour at your convenience
  • Tear resistant
  • Accurate with multiple pours
  • Time in mouth: 2–3 minutes (Fast Set) and 3–4 minutes(Regular Set)
  • Bubble Gum flavor
  • Use with Impression Mixing tips. IntraOral tips only included with Super Light and Light impression material

The accuracy of any impression material, including Chromaclone PVS material, can be increased with the use of Ultradent’s Tissue Management System. Profound hemostasis is paramount before making impressions.