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Thermo Clone impression material is designed to capture even the finest features quickly and accurately. The results? Clear impressions with detailed margins—the first time.

Thermal-Accelerated Set

Thermo CloneTM VPS impression materials are temperature sensitive. This means that as the temperature of the material increases, the setting time decreases. We call this Thermal-Accelerated Set.

At room temperature, Thermo CloneTMmaterial stays malleable, with a working time of up to 1 min. Once the tray is placed in the patient’s mouth, the material rapidly begins to set due to the increased temperature. This accelerated setting time means there’s less chance of distortion. See below for a comparison of setting times for Thermo Clone heavy body fast set material.

ThermoClone Impression
ThermoClone Fast Set Times

1. There is no minimum working time; Thermal-Accelerated Set ensures that the material begins to set as soon as it is placed in the patient’s mouth.

2. In these examples, with 30 second and 60 second working times, Thermo Clone was out of the critical zone and fully set at 2:45 mins and 3:15 mins respectively.

The results: a Thermal-Accelerated Set gives you a long working time, a short setting time, and minimal time in the critical zone.

Designed to Capture Every Detail

thermoClone is Hydrophilic


Hydrophilicity ensures precision in your impressions by displacing moisture so the material can reach every part of every tooth.

Hydrophilicity is evaluated based on contact angle, which measures how a drop of water spreads on the material. With a contact angle of 40°, Thermo Clone material is among the industry leaders in hydrophilicity.

Strong and Stable

Impressions made with inferior material often tear at the margin and require retakes. Thermo Clone material has a high tear strength, which means you can remove the set impression with confidence.

Plus, the material’s excellent dimensional stability and elastic recovery ensures the impression arrives at the lab in the same condition it left your patient’s mouth.

thermoClone is Strong and Stable

Fast and Accurate Bite Registration Materials

Thermo Clone VPS Clear Bite registration material is designed for accuracy. The transparent material allows you to easily seat it over the tooth, check proper occlusion, easily detect voids or air bubbles, and cure light-cured composite directly through the bite registration material. The material is flexible, allowing for easier seating and removal, and sets fast to save you valuable time. These advantages result in increased accuracy, producing temporaries that look and fit more like finished crown and bridges.

Thermo Clone Fast Set Bite Registration Material is able to capture the exact detail of a patient’s occlusal relationship, making it ideal for taking intraoral or extraoral occlusal bite registrations. Its fast intraoral set time of 55 seconds saves you chair time, and its firm material ensures a strong and stable impression.

thermoClone is easy to mix thermoClone is easy to mix

Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material


Thermo CloneTM VPS

Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material

Impression Material Kits

Kits and Accessories

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  • Thermal-accelerated for a faster intraoral setting time
  • Premium vinyl polysiloxane produces reliable, consistent outcomes
  • Super hydrophilic material adapts well to a wet environment
  • Thixotropic properties allow the material to flow into the spaces between teeth to capture every essential detail, including the margin
  • High tear strength
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Regular and Fast set times

Thermo CloneTM VPS

Vinyl Polysiloxane Bite Registration Materials

Bite Registration Materials

Kits and Accessories

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    Clear Bite Registration Material

  • Transparent material allows for easy and accurate seating of material over preparation and direct visibility of bite for accurate occlusal registration
  • Light-cured composite can be cured directly the transparent impression material
  • Non-sticky, easy to handle material with no taste or smell
  • Thermal-Accelerated Set provides a fast 1-minute total intraoral setting time
  • Flexible material allows for easy fit and removal
  • Reusable material can be used to make new temporaries for the same tooth on the same patient if necessary
  • Provides an affordable template option for doctors who do not want to invest in an expensive template system
  • Premium vinyl polysiloxane produces reliable, accurate temporaries that fit and look more like finished crown and bridges

    Fast Set Bite Registration Material

  • Ideal for taking intraoral or extraoral occlusal bite registrations
  • Fast intraoral set time of 55 seconds
  • Shore A Hardness of 85
  • Bubble Gum scent