ViscoStat™ Clear

25% Aluminum Chloride

ViscoStat Clear hemostatic gel is recommended for anterior restorations because it quickly eliminates minor bleeding without leaving any residue.1 The patented tissue-kind silica formula quickly stops minor bleeding without forming coagulum or leaving hemostatic residue adhered to the preparation,1 resulting in stain-free teeth and soft tissues, a feature especially critical in the “esthetic zone.” Additionally, unlike ferric sulfate-based hemostatic solutions, ViscoStat Clear hemostatic does not interfere with bonding.

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Technical Details

Viscous Yet Spreadable

This viscous yet spreadable 25% aluminum chloride gel quickly stops minor bleeding and sulcular fluid without the mess of a liquid or paste. It facilitates great control in the esthetic zone even when retreatment mandates deeper reduction and entry into the sulcus than desired.

Specially Formulated for the Esthetic Zone

Microleakage can ruin even the most carefully placed composite restorations. It can be caused by inadequate removal of the hemostatic agent, the presence of blood and sulcular fluid, and/or insufficient tissue management in the esthetic zone. ViscoStat Clear hemostatic is ideal for ensuring profound hemostasis in the anterior teeth. Its 25% aluminum chloride formulation ensures that both hard and soft tissues remain clean and free of staining.

Transparent Gel Leaves No Residue and Rinses Off with Ease

ViscoStat Clear hemostatic’s clear gel allows easy visibility and rinses away effortlessly.

Convenient Direct Delivery Eliminates Waste

ViscoStat Clear hemostatic is delivered to the preparation via syringe and the Metal Dento-Infusor tip, which makes delivery easy and effective, and eliminates the waste other delivery methods produce.


Before and After ViscoStat Clear Hemostatic





Clear, Viscous Consistency



ViscoStat Clear Hemostatic Gel Step by Step

See Instructions for Use for complete instructions, warnings, and precautions.

Step 1

Subgingival preparation and bleeding sulcus.

Step 2

Rub hemostatic firmly against bleeding tissues. Achieve most rapid hemostasis with the Metal Dento-Infusor tip. The clear gel allows easy visibility and rinses away quickly.

Step 3

Press Ultrapak cord into gel in sulcus around tooth preparations. Leave for 5 minutes.

Step 4

Remove cord. Firm air/water spray. Air dry. Rub gel into the sulcus again. Leave 1 minute.

Step 5

Final rinse. Dry, and make impression. Repeat above steps if needed.

Step 6

Finished restoration 2 weeks post-op. Facilitates great control in the esthetic zone with no residue.


​"ViscoStat Clear is just fantastic. I use it daily."

Dr. Gabe McCormick – Bozeman, MT

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the active ingredient in ViscoStat Clear hemostatic?

    25% aluminum chloride.
  • Can ViscoStat Clear hemostatic gel be used for all tissue management needs?

    While ViscoStat Clear hemostatic does provide profound hemostasis, its onset is not as fast as those hemostatics formulated with ferric sulfate such as ViscoStat hemostatic solution or Astringedent hemostatic solution. We recommend these faster-acting hemostatics be used in areas outside of the esthetic zone.
  • Can Ultrapak cord be soaked in ViscoStat Clear hemostatic?

    Yes. For procedures in the esthetic zone, we recommend soaking Ultrapak cord in ViscoStat Clear hemostatic to prevent any staining of the hard or soft tissues.
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