15.5% Ferric Sulfate

Astringedent hemostatic is an aqueous, 15.5% ferric sulfate solution with a pH of ~1.0. It's well suited for a variety of dental procedures, and because it's more aqueous than other hemostatic agents, it's ideal for soaking retraction cord.


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Technical Details

For Profound Hemostasis, Use with the Metal Dento-Infusor

Hemostatic agents are only as good as their delivery method. The Metal Dento-Infusor tip is the best, most effective way to deliver Astringedent hemostatic to the sulcus. Its padded brush end is used to rub the hemostatic into the cut capillaries, providing profound hemostasis. It also effectively removes superficial coagulum.


Tissue Management Technique Step by Step

See Instructions for Use for complete instructions, warnings, and precautions.

Step 1

With the Dento-Infusor™ tip, scrub hemostatic firmly against cut bleeding tissues until bleeding stops.

Step 2

Give firm air/water spray to remove residual coagulum and to test for profound hemostasis. If bleeding continues, repeat.

Step 3

After complete hemostasis has been attained, excellent retraction is achieved using Ultrapak™ knitted cord placed with the Ultrapak™ packer


“I recently had to practice at another dental office that only used Expasil* for hemostasis. It made me realize how much I love Astringedent for its ease of use. Astringedent is easily applied and works instantly, unlike Expasil. Now that I am starting my own solo practice, I will have Astringedent available for all of my operative procedures.”

Dr. Cheryl Atiga — Murrieta, CA