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Triodent V3 sectional matrix system allows you to achieve consistently accurate contacts and predictable results for your Class II restorations. Among the simplest and most accurate matrix solutions on the market, Triodent V3 system's easy-to-use design accommodates a wide range of application use. With Triodent's sectional matrix system, you'll have total confidence to create beautiful Class II restorations.

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Triodent V3 Ring

The V3 ring's easy-to-use design gives it wide applications for use and—best of all—achieves consistently accurate contacts with predictable results. The super-elastic nickel-titanium ring provides outstanding spring strength and memory. The V-shaped tines ensure there is no competition with the wedge in the embrasure, and they grip both teeth equally, preventing the ring from collapsing into wide cavities. The system is designed to deliver great results even with wide cavities and missing cusps; and it allows for minimal finishing of the restoration.

double v3 rings
  • Optimal force for tooth separation
  • NiTi for outstanding spring strength and elasticity
  • Nonstick retaining rings
  • V-shaped tines accommodate wedge
  • Spring tilt allows for easy stacking of multiple rings
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Triodent SuperCurve Matrix

The SuperCurve Matrix has more shape than the Triodent™ V3 Tab-Matrix, which saves you time, is easier to work with, and allows you to achieve even better restorations. SuperCurve matrices are color coded, making it easy to differentiate between sizes. The non-stick coating makes removing the matrix fast and easy.

triodent bands
  • Easy placement
  • Microthin, non-stick finish makes the matrix easy to remove
  • No gaps in the gingival-axial corner due to gingival apron being shaped to the cavity form
  • Rolled ridge on the occlusal margin
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Triodent Wave-Wedge

The Wave-Wedge with its “wave” shape has the unmatched capability of sealing the matrix at the gingival margin while being rigid enough to provide tooth separation. Multiple Wave-Wedges can be easily stacked for the procedure if needed.

triodent wedges
  • Self-guiding for easy placement
  • Design is stackable and accommodates gingival tissue
  • Strong, anatomical design
  • Fine wave-shaped wings compress on entry and flare again upon exit for easy placement and ultimate seal
  • Hollow underside allows another wedge to be placed from the opposite side of the embrasure
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MOD Restoration

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mod restoration 1 mod restoration 2 mod restoration 3 mod restoration 4

Case by: Dr. Graeme Milicich

In this case, both the front and back sides of the tooth have been cleaned and prepped for restoration after wedges have been placed to break tooth contact. Two bands and two matrices were put into place, helping to replace the missing shape of the tooth. After band and matrix placement, the cavity is filled. Prior to finishing, the bands and matrices are removed, and overall shape and restoration are gauged. After finishing, the restoration is complete.

Proximal Box Restoration

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box restoration 1 box restoration 2 box restoration 3

Case by: Dr. Jason Smithson

Before restoration, a wedge is placed to break tooth contact while the decayed part of the tooth is removed. Once the area is sufficiently prepped, the wedge is removed, and a ring and matrix are placed to maintain the tooth's overall curvature. At that point, the restoration can be completed. Once complete, the band and matrix are removed without much finishing required.

MOD Restoration

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mod restoration 5 mod restoration 6 mod restoration 7 mod restoration 8

Case by: Dr. Jason Smithson

Front and back teeth are both affected and are involved in this restoration. Cavities are prepped, and a Wave-Wedge is placed to help break tooth contact. After prep, matrices and a ring are placed to help maintain the natural shape of the patient's teeth. Cavities are then filled, and the matrices and ring are removed. The restoration is complete with only a minor amount of finishing needed.

MO with Missing Cusp

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Triodent MO Triodent MO

Case by: Dr. Graeme Milicich

During prep, a Wave-Wedge is placed to help break tooth contact, and the decayed tooth area is removed. The Wave-Wedge is then removed, and a ring and matrix are placed around the remaining tooth to help retain the tooth's overall structure and shape. At that point, the restoration can be continued, and the cavity can be filled. The ring and matrix are removed, and the restoration is complete with little need for further finishing.

solution for multi-surface direct restoration

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There are tons of reasons to use the V3 system, but we'll give you our top 10 for now. Learn about Triodent's V3 system and see what the hype's about!

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