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The OsteoGen® Plug by Impladent® is a remarkable one-step dental bone grafting innovation. It contains calcium apatite crystals that create a gradually resorbing bioactive structure that mimics the characteristics of real bone and assists in host bone formation.1 It is simple to place and, unlike other grafts, with the OsteoGen® Plug there is no need to cover the grafted site with a membrane after placement. The collagen matrix that carries the bone graft efficiently absorbs and delivers blood to the graft during resorption—a crucial factor for the successful formation of new host bone tissue. OsteoGen® Plugs are available in three sizes to suit any dental bone grafting need. Requiring less time and materials than traditional dental bone grafts, the OsteoGen® Plug is the most efficient, affordable, and innovative way to clinically deliver dental bone grafts available on the market today.

OsteoGen microscopic closeup

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