An Innovative Soft Tissue Retractor Offering Exceptional Access, Isolation, and Comfort

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The Cheek Retractor Reinvented

The innovative Umbrella tongue, lip, and cheek retractor is a disposable retractor that provides clear access to all areas of the mouth while prioritizing patient comfort. Rather than pulling or stretching the lips, it gently and naturally helps the patient hold their mouth open thanks to its durable, yet flexible, spring-like design. The Umbrella cheek retractor prevents triggering the gag reflex for most patients and helps channel saliva for efficient evacuation. Its innovative tongue guard also allows the tongue to comfortably remain away from the working area. It is easy to place and features anatomically positioned bumpers for you to rest a hand without causing discomfort to the patient. These benefits combine to make the procedure easier, and provide a better overall experience for both clinician and patient.

State-of-the-Art Design

Natural spring-like action allows the patient to comfortably and effortlessly keep their mouth open for an entire procedure, while letting them fully close their mouth to check occlusion.

Anatomically positioned bumpers allow you to rest your hand on the patient’s mouth during a procedure without hurting the patient.

Innovative tongue guard provides retraction by resting comfortably under the tongue, keeping the tongue up and away from the working area.

Designed for convenience, the Umbrella retractor is disposable. To avoid contamination, it should be discarded after use.

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