Ultradent™ Universal Dentin Sealant

For Transient Root Sensitivity

Ultradent Universal Dentin Sealant is a biocompatible, nonpolymerizable, high-molecular-weight resin in a volatile organic solvent.

Coat sensitive roots with Ultradent Universal Dentin Sealant to seal tubules and reduce discomfort after root planing or scaling.

  • Quick application—paint and dry
  • Great for hygienists's “tool box”
  • Ideal following scaling and root planing
  • Temporary blockage of tubules
  • Use with Black Mini™ Brush Tip

Technical Details

Quick Application

Ultradent's Universal Dentin Sealant is easy to apply. Simply use the Black Mini Brush tip to paint the sealant where it is desired, and let dry.

Ideal for Use After Heavy Scaling or Root Planing

​Since it provides immediate relief from dentinal hypersensitivity, Ultradent's Universal Dentin Sealant is perfect for use after scaling or root planing. The sealant also leaves a virtually impenetrable barrier for weeks after application.


Provides a Virtually Impenetrable Barrier



​Ultradent Universal Dentin Sealant covers dentin with a protective seal. Both surfaces have been conditioned with phosphoric acid for 20 seconds; SEM on the right was first sealed with Ultradent Universal Dentin Sealant.


​Ultradent Universal Dentin Sealant has been a great find for me. I have it applied on all areas of recession in my mouth at prophy, and it keeps me comfortable for about six months. I always know when I'm due for another prophy, because my sensitivity comes back at about that time.

Denise Hanstedt, Dental Assistant – Neenah, WI

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Universal Dentin Sealant used for?

    ​Universal Dentin Sealant is a self-cure, high molecular weight resin. When applied, it covers/seals the tubules from irritating, restorative materials. It is not a bonding agent.

  • Will impression material or Consepsis™ Scrub CHX slurry remove Universal Dentin Sealant?

    Impression material will not remove Universal Dentin Sealant. But Consepsis Scrub chlorhexidine antibacterial slurry, if used with a prophy cup or STARbrush intercoronal brush, can remove the sealant.