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Ultradent Introduces the Umbrella™ Soft Tissue Retractor

October 7, 2020 South Jordan, Utah

Ultradent Products, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of high-tech dental materials, is unveiling the latest innovation for clinicians, the Umbrella™ soft tissue retractor.

The Umbrella retractor is designed with a priority on ease of placement and patient comfort. To use the Umbrella retractor, a clinician simply presses the two tabs together, places it in the patient’s mouth, and it pops open. This retractor helps the patient’s mouth stay open in a natural and comfortable range while still allowing for the patient to fully open or close as needed. The retractor also opens the space between the teeth, lips, and cheeks in a way that encourages saliva to accumulate away from dentition and improves access for HVE.

Featuring an innovative tongue guard, the Umbrella retractor eases itself around soft tissues giving clinicians optimal access and the tongue a relaxing place to settle. The tongue is gently raised to the roof of the mouth, allowing for easy swallowing for the patient and easy access for the clinician.

The Umbrella retractor is adaptable for a variety of procedures, such as Class II restorations, sealants, ortho bonding, whitening, etc.


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