VALO X Curing Light Reference and Resource Center

Congratulations on the purchase of your new VALO X curing light! We are confident your VALO X curing light will be a valuable addition to your practice. We’ve created these videos and instructions to demonstrate exactly how to get the most out of your VALO X curing light. However, if you have any questions, please give us a call. Our Customer Service team is ready to help.

valo x unboxing

VALO X Curing Light Unboxing Video

Follow along as we unpack the VALO X curing light and provide a quick explanation of everything you’ll find inside your own box.

valo x tour

VALO X Curing Light Tour Video

Learn the basics about your VALO X curing light including an overview of the lens, buttons, cap, and battery-powered/cordless operation.

Curing and Diagnostic Aid Modes

mode indicators video play icon

Mode Indications Video

Button Indications Chart

Button Indications Chart

Curing Modes

Curing Modes

Diagnostic Aid Modes

Diagnostic Modes

How to Cycle Between Modes

how to switch modes video play icon

Use/Switching Modes Video

Curing Modes


Drum Tap

A mid-air forward drum tap will cycle through Standard and Xtra Power Curing Modes.

Button Press

Top Button

To cycle to curing modes from diagnostic aid modes, press and hold the top button for 1 second.

Diagnostic Aid Modes



A mid-air sideways movement will cycle between White Light and Black Light Diagnostic Aid Modes.

Button Press

Bottom Button

To cycle to diagnostic aid modes from curing modes, press and hold the bottom button for 1 second.

Lens Accessories

lens accessories video play icon

Lens Accessories Video

Curing Lenses

PointCureTM Lens

Pointcure Lens

The PointCure Lens concentrates the light into a 2.5 mm aperture. This is ideal for point curing (tacking) veneers and all porcelain crowns.

ProxiCureTM Ball Lens

Proxicure Ball Lens

Supports the matrix and aids in convex proximal contact before and during partial light polymerization.

Diagnostic Aid Lenses

TranslumeTM Lens

Translume Lens

Provides longer wavelength light to transilluminate the teeth to aid in visualization of cracks, fractures, defects, etc.

Interproximal Lens

Interproximal Lens

Aids in visualization of fractures, cracks, or defects in teeth by illuminating the teeth from the lingual and observing shadows.

Diffuser Lens

Diffuser Lens

In Black Light Diagnostic Aid Mode, the diffuser lens gives visual aid of fluorescent particles in various dental resins.

In White Light Diagnostic Aid Mode, the Diffuser Lens gives visual aid for whenever the dental professional may need a source of natural light, e.g., determining shade.

Cordless/Corded Operation and Battery Instructions

Cordless/Corded Operation video play icon

Power, Charging and Changing Batteries, Cord Video

Cordless or Corded Operation

The VALO X curing light can be used in a corded or cordless configuration using the Ultradent VALO X rechargeable batteries or provided VALO X cord adapter.

 cordless corded operation

Charging and Changing Batteries

To remove batteries for charging or replacement, remove the cap at the base of the curing light with a counterclockwise turn. Insert dead battery/cells in the provided Ultradent VALO Battery Charger with medical grade 9VDC AC power adapter in the orientation shown in the charger. Battery/cells will be fully charged in 1–3 hours.

To avoid the risk of electrical fire associated with handling of batteries:

  • DO NOT autoclave or spray battery, battery contacts, chargers, or AC power supply with liquid of any kind. If corrosion appears on the contacts of the charger, call Ultradent Customer Service (1.888.230.1420) to order a replacement.
  • DO NOT charge batteries around flammable materials
  • DO NOT keep charger in clinical operatory
  • DO NOT charge non-rechargeable batteries/cells
  • DO NOT recharge Ultradent batteries with a non-Ultradent charger

To avoid the risk of injury, DO NOT use batteries that are corroded (rust), dented, emit an odor or fluid, have a torn or missing wrapping, or are otherwise damaged. Call Ultradent Customer Service (1.888.230.1420) to order replacement batteries/cells.

Cleaning and Maintenance

video content coming

Cleaning and Maintenance Video

Acceptable Cleaners: 70% Isopropyl Alcohol

The VALO X curing light is a sealed unit with a hard surface and a scratch-resistant glass lens. Clean after each use. Refer to the instructions for use for full cleaning procedure.

Routinely check the lens for cured dental resins. If necessary, use a plastic or stainless steel dental instrument to carefully remove any adhered resin.

To help prevent cross-contamination and help keep dental composite material from adhering to the surface of the lens and wand body, a barrier sleeve must be used over the VALO X curing light with each use.

Warning Icon Warnings and Precautions:

  • DO NOT wipe down the curing light with caustic or abrasive cleaners, autoclave, or immerse in any kind of ultrasonic bath, disinfectant, cleaning solutions, or liquid. Failure to follow included processing instructions may render curing light inoperable.
  • To avoid damaging the equipment, DO NOT insert fingers, instruments, or other objects into the battery/cell compartment of the curing light
  • To avoid damaging the equipment, DO NOT attempt to clean the electrical contacts, or any part of the batter/cell compartment. Call Ultradent Customer Service (1.888.230.1420) if there is a concern.
  • To help prevent cross-contamination and help keep dental composite material from adhering to the surface of the lens and wand body, a barrier sleeve must be used of the VALO X curing light with each use. Barrier sleeves are intended for single-patient use.
  • To prevent the risk of product damage, do not autoclave or dry heat sterilize the VALO X Accessories
  • DO NOT use any of the VALO X Accessories for complete/final cure. Remove all curing accessory lenses after use and perform a complete/final cure without the use of accessories.

Warranty and Equipment Repair

video content coming

Warranty and Equipment Repair Video

Ultradent Warranty

Ultradent warrants that this instrument shall, for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase*, conform in all material respects to the specifications therefore as set forth in Ultradent’s documentation accompanying the products and be free from any defects in materials/or workmanship. This warranty applies solely to the original purchaser and is not transferable. All defective products are to be returned to Ultradent. There are no user service components of the VALO curing light system. Tampering with the VALO curing light will void its warranty.

The VALO curing light warranty does not cover customer damage. For example, if a VALO curing light is misused or dropped and the lens breaks, the customer will be responsible to pay for any necessary repairs.

If you have questions regarding your warranty, please contact us at or call 801.553.4574.

*With sales receipt indicating the date of sale to the dentist.