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A New Dental Curing Light

The sleek wand-style design of the VALO X curing light has been redesigned from the ground up. The low-profile, compact, and ergonomic wand design delivers optimal access to all regions of the mouth without compromising comfort for either patient or clinician.1

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Valo X body

It offers multiple curing and diagnostic light modes to give you greater versatility and its accelerometer function allows you to easily cycle between these modes with a simple hand motion. Just use a forward drum-tap motion to cycle between power modes, or wave the light from side to side to switch diagnostic modes.

The VALO X curing light features a larger lens aperture, long-lasting LEDs, and optimized power output, enabling you to uniformly cure all light-cured dental materials within an even larger curing area. Its 12 LEDs provide excellent curing depth and beam collimation with better thermal management and LED durability, so you can be confident in your cure.

Valo X lens horizontal

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