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Ultradent’s founder and president, Dr. Dan Fischer, is driven to improve global health and provide affordable minimally invasive dentistry to more people. To further this vision, Ultradent signed on in 2012 to become the exclusive U.S. distributor of a proven line of products that they believe helps carry their vision forward—Triodent.

Triodent was founded in 2003 by Dr. Simon McDonald. As a general dentist, Dr. McDonald faced a tough daily job—one that involved small spaces, tight timeframes, limited visibility, and the occasional squirming patient. Now imagine facing that procedure with dental equipment that was neither adequate nor reliable. Dr. McDonald knew he had to develop a better solution to the Class II problem.

After experimenting with numerous solutions, Dr. McDonald developed his matrix ring design and created the V-Ring Sectional Matrix System in March 2005. The use of the V-shaped tines and nickel-titanium spring would prove to be the vital designs he needed. The Triodent V-Ring Sectional Matrix System immediately became a commercial success and vastly improved the Class II restoration procedure.

Later, Dr. McDonald took the already successful system one step further by developing the next best thing: the V3 Ring. The glass-fiber reinforced plastic tines replaced the stainless steel tines of the V-Ring while maintaining the innovative V-shape. The V3 system went on to challenge everything else on the dental market when it launched in May 2008.

Integral to the V3 Sectional Matrix System are the V3 Tab-Matrix bands and the Wave-Wedge. The V3 Tab-Matrix features a tab at the top of the band for easy placement and tab holes at the sides for effective removal. A pronounced marginal ridge and S-shaped vertical contour allow for correct duplication of anatomy. Gentle on the patient's papilla, the Wave-Wedge is designed for easy placement and removal. The wedge also enables an optimal seal at the gingival margins.

The Triotray Pro-Lock came to the market in 2011. It features a rigid and inherently sturdy stainless steel tray, and eliminates the chance for any impression distortion—which can be a common problem with disposable trays. The flared walls of the tray allow the impression material to “lock” in place without the need of tray adhesive. The low-wall version is designed for more rigid impression materials.

Most recently, Triodent created an additional component to enhace the Class II Restoration experience: the SuperCurve matrix. The SuperCurve has extended buccal and lingual contour, allowing for better proximal contouring as the matrix band hugs the tooth. It also enables easier placement of the ring, as the design of the tines of the ring make it less likely to snag on the edges of the matrix. SuperCurve’s non-stick coating on the axial surface allows for band placement and removal with ease—especially when dealing with tight contacts.


Triodent V3 System


The V3 Ring has the widest indications for use of any sectional matrix ring, and it produces high-quality, anatomically accurate Class II composite restorations. The nickel-titanium V3 Ring has exceptional strength for stability and exerts optimal separation force on the teeth to produce consistently tight contacts. The V-shaped tines ensure there is no competition with the wedge in the embrasure, and they grip both teeth equally, preventing the ring from collapsing into wide cavities.

  • Best ring for wide cavities

  • Outstanding spring strength

  • Optimal tooth separation force

  • NiTi for outstanding spring strength and elasticity

  • Glass fiber-reinforced plastic tines

  • Spring tilt allows for easy stacking of multiple rings

  • V-shaped tines accomodate the wedge

  • Two rings: Universal (green) for large teeth and Narrow (yellow) for small teeth

  • Stable on undercuts and in forceps

  • Fully autoclavable

2014 Reality 5-Star Award 2014 Townie Choice Award












The supersnug, non-stick SuperCurve matrix is now available in the V3 sectional matrix system.

  • Easy placement—matrix hugs the tooth, which avoids any interference with ring placement

  • Easier to remove after curing because of microthin, non-stick finish

  • No gaps in the gingival-axial corner due to gingival apron being shaped to the cavity form

  • Rolled ridge on the occlusal margin

V3 Tab-Matrix

The V3 sectional matrix system includes the V3 Tab-Matrix.

  • Advanced anatomical features

  • Marginal ridge saves effort and money

  • Vertical contour is easy on the gingival margin

  • Shaped gingival apron

  • Superthin (30µm) but strong

  • Tab makes handling with Pin-Tweezers easy

“Since incorporating the V3 Ring into the arsenal, I no longer worry about creating good contacts. I can achieve ideal contours at the proximal margins due to the way that the bands adapt to the tooth and the V3 Rings keep the bands adapted and contoured.”

Stephen Sawyer, DDS — Metro Dental, Burnsville, MN

“When my V3 Rings are sterilizing and I have to resort to using other methods, no matter how hard I try, I cannot get close to the results I achieve with the V3 Rings. They help me to produce the most anatomical contours and tightest contacts of any system I have tried, and I have tried many.”

Dr. Rob Ramotar — Port St Lucie, FL


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