Made For Each Other

ChlorCid, Consepsis and EDTA solutions + NaviTip Double Sideport Irrigator Tip
Citric Acid + NaviTip FX Tip
MTAFlow cement + NaviTip Tip
MTAFlow Video

MTAFlow™ Repair Cement
and the NaviTip® Tips

Our MTAFlow cement can be delivered using a 29 ga NaviTip tip, allowing you to place it exactly where you need it in the canal.

Citric Acid Video

Ultradent® Citric Acid 20% Solution
and the NaviTip® FX® Tip

See how easy it is to clean the canal when you use our citric acid solution with the NaviTip FX tip.

Irrigants Video

Endodontic Irrigants and the
NaviTip Double Sideport Irrigator Tip

The NaviTip Double Sideport Irrigator tip allows you to deliver your irrigants safely—toward the canal walls, not the apex.

NaviTip TIp TIp

NaviTip Tips: Accurate Delivery
in the Age of Irrigation

Unlike traditional endodontic tips, the cannula of each NaviTip tip is slightly rigid through the base and center, but flexible at the tip to allow it to bend and snake through each canal. This allows for precise, controlled delivery of any irrigant, intracanal medication, or sealer to exactly where it is needed.

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Ultradent Chemestries

Ensuring Endodontic Success:
The Right Irrigants at the Right Time

Researchers have discovered that the most thorough obturation can only reflect the quality of the cleaning and shaping of the canal. In fact, a number of researchers point to the thorough use of irrigants as the most important determinant in the long-term success of an endodontic procedure.

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NaviTip TIp TIp

Safety and Economical
Solutions for Using NaviTip Tips

Performing endodontic procedures can be tricky and technique-sensitive—so much so that many clinicians end up referring the work out to a specialist. Here are a few safety and economic guidelines to help clinicians get the most out of their money while performing endodontic procedures in the safest way possible.

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