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Ultrapro Cordless

New Cordless Handpiece

The new Ultrapro Tx Cordless dental hygiene handpiece features a new cord-free design that allows you unprecedented access and the ability to approach a tooth from any angle. With its ergonomic nonslip grip, lightweight design, and maximum speed of up to 4,000 RPMs, the Ultrapro Tx Cordless handpiece will quickly become a favorite among your dental hygienists.

Ultrapro cordless Handpiece
  • 2-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Compatible with any disposable prophy angle
  • Bluetooth foot pedal and wireless charging base included
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Ultrapro Air

Smooth, Ergonomic Handpiece

The Ultrapro Tx Air handpiece reduces musculoskeletal pain and discomfort for dental professionals. To reduce pain and discomfort, the Ultrapro Tx Air handpiece is lightweight, weighing in at just 2.2 oz, and our ideal diameter grip makes the handpiece easy to hold. The handpiece is compatible with nearly all DPAs, giving dental hygienists even more freedom and flexibility.

Ultrapro Air Handpiece
  • Improved motor and design, reaching speeds up to 4,000 RPMs
  • Compatible with nearly all DPAs
  • Aerospace aluminum construction makes it lightweight, coming in at just 2.2 oz
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Ultrapro Disposable Angles

Splatter-reducing Prophy Angles

Ultrapro Tx disposable prophy angles offer an enhanced clean at a great price. Use the Sweep prophy angle to reduce splatter by up to 95% to help prevent cross-contamination*. For optimal visibility and access, the Skini prophy angle has a slender yet durable design. Efficiently clean interproximal spaces with the Extra prophy angle.

*Data on File
Ultrapro Disposable Angles Options
  • DPAs are constructed to reduce splatter
  • Optimal cup flare ensures an efficient clean
  • Smooth and chatter-free, reducing hand and arm fatigue
  • Sleek and comfortable design
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UltraPro Prophy Paste

Affordable Prophy Paste

Keep prophies clean and efficient with Ultrapro Tx prophy paste, designed to minimize splatter for infection control. Choose from Walterberry™, Orange Dreamsicle, Cool Mint, and Bubblegum (dye-free). If you need a flavor-free option, use the Ultrapro Tx Pure prophy paste—free of fluoride, flavors, dyes, and oils. For patients with gluten sensitivity, all our prophy pastes are certified gluten-free.

UltraPro Prophy Paste Options
  • Formulas rinse cleanly and completely
  • Splatter-free formula
  • Our Pure prophy paste is free of fluoride, flavors, dyes, and oils
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The Ultrapro Tx prophylaxis system is a high-quality, affordable dental hygiene system designed to be comfortable for both you and your patients. Discover an efficient, thorough cleaning experience with the Ultrapro Tx prophy system.

Discover the Next Generation of Dental Hygiene

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Soft-start motor offers less vibration

Ergonomic design with 360-degree swivel

Lightweight handpiece causes less wrist fatigue

Low-profile prophy angles for easier cleaning.

Innovative brush design

Optimal cup flare provides a more efficient clean

Handpiece is compatible with most DPAs

Low-splatter formula

Paste rinses easily and completely

Reduce Splatter up to 95%*

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