Ready to cut the cord? Meet our new Ultrapro Tx Cordless handpiece! Get all the features you love about handpieces with the convenience of a cordless one. Schedule a virtual demo today!

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Lightweight &

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UP TO 4,000 RPMs

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Single Charge
Can Last All Day

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2-Year Warranty

More Than Just Freedom

Cords are a drag. The Ultrapro Tx Cordless handpiece allows for unlimited movement and access—you have the ability to approach a tooth from any angle. The Bluetooth foot pedal allows you to operate the cordless handpiece just like a corded one, so there is no learning curve. Plus, one wireless charge can last all day, giving you peace of mind and one less thing to worry about.

UP TO 4,000 RPMs

The Ultrapro Tx Cordless handpiece works just as hard as you do. An output of up to 4,000 RPMs protects enamel while efficiently removing tough stains.

Open Design

Keep using the DPAs you love. The Ultrapro Tx Cordless handpiece is compatible with most disposable prophy angles for maximum usability. It can, of course, also be used with the Ultrapro™ Tx prophylaxis family, including the UltraproTM Tx SweepTM DPA.

Less Hand Fatigue

The Ultrapro Tx Cordless handpiece is both lightweight and ergonomic, so every hygiene procedure is comfortable for both you and the patient.

UltraPro Cordless Family

See it for Yourself

Schedule a FREE virtual demo to see our new Ultrapro Tx Cordless handpiece and discuss its features with our product experts. And don’t forget to check out the rest of the Ultrapro Tx prophylaxis family, including our UltraproTM Tx DPAs and prophy paste.