Thermo Clone™ VPS Putty

Thermo Clone fast set putty material is specially engineered to create precise, consistent impressions. The putty material begins setting when it is placed in the patient’s mouth for a faster working time and to help prevent distortion.

  • Mixes easily in two minutes
  • Intraoral setting time is two minutes
  • Thermal-accelerated set allows for a faster intraoral setting time
  • Premium vinyl polysiloxane produces reliable, consistent outcomes
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Bubble Gum scent
  • Base and catalyst are available in 200-gram plastic tubs

Technical Details

Compatible with Multiple Techniques

Thermo Clone fast set putty material is designed to be used with the following techniques:

  • Two-Step putty-wash impression technique
  • One-step putty-wash impression technique
  • Two-step putty-wash impression technique using a foil or plastic putty spacer
  • One-step putty impression technique for forming functional peripheries