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Save More Time and Money Than you may Think

When you apply the thermal set properties of Thermo Clone™ registration or impression materials, you’re cutting your chair time significantly.

For example, a Thermal-Accelerated Set with Thermo Clone™ Bite Registration material sets 55 seconds after it’s placed in your patient’s mouth.

Equally as impressive are Thermo Clone™ VPS impression materials, which fully set as quickly as 90 seconds!

Overall, this means a shorter procedure and less discomfort for your patient.

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Even more savings:

1. Ask about our mix and match or bulk discount pricing.
2. See how much you’ll save with Thermo Clone by downloading the pdf below.

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Thermo Clone™ VPS impression material can be used for a myriad of procedures, so the potential for savings is significant:

Want to check our math? The detailed economics are in our free downloadable pdf.

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