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Thermo Clone™ Bite Registration

Thermo Clone Bite Registration Material Cartiridges expressing bite registration
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Quality VPS Impression Materials for Bite Registration

Thermo Clone Clear Bite Registration Material

Thermo Clone VPS Clear Bite Registration material is transparent to improve visibility, accuracy, and ease of use. The transparent material allows you to easily seat it over the preparation, check for correct occlusion, clearly detect voids or air bubbles, and cure light-cured composite directly through the impression material.

The non-sticky material is easy to handle and can be expressed directly over the tooth or by using an impression tray to guide it into place. Its Thermal-Accelerated Set activates when placed in the patient’s mouth. This provides you with a fast intraoral 1-minute total setting time—quicker than other clear materials that typically set in 2 minutes or more. The flexible impression material seats and removes easily without locking into undercuts, unlike more rigid bite registration materials. Gentler on exposed dentin than cold alginate and with no taste or smell, Thermo Clone VPS Clear Bite Registration material also provides a more comfortable experience for the patient.

The increased accuracy of Thermo Clone VPS Clear Bite Registration material, when used as a provisional template, makes for temporaries that look and fit more like finished crowns and bridges, increasing patient satisfaction. The reusable material allows for new temporaries to be quickly made, if necessary, without making a new impression, saving you valuable material and time.

Thermo Clone VPS Impression Material Clear Bite Registration

Thermo Clone VPS Impression Material Orange Bite Registration

Thermo Clone Fast Set Bite Registration Material

Thermo Clone Fast Set Bite Registration Material is able to capture the exact detail of a patient’s occlusal relationship, making it ideal for taking intraoral or extraoral occlusal bite registrations. Its fast intraoral set time of 55 seconds saves you chair time, and its firm material ensures a strong and stable impression. Available in Bubble Gum scent for a better patient experience.


Clear Application for Bite Registration


Clear Application for Crown and Bridge Provisional Templates


Accurate Impression for Exact Bite Registration