Alginate Alternative Has Incredible Dimensional Stability

Unlike traditional alginate, Thermo Clone Alginate Alternative material is ready to use when you need it. No hand mixing gives you a consistent, powder-free (and lump-free) mix that is easier to use and dispense. The material is also scannable, which makes it easy to capture digital images without using a powder or contrasting agent. It can even be disinfected to prevent cross-contamination!

The delightful Bubble Gum scent will soothe patients, and all of your impressions will maintain the detail you should expect.

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Thermo Clone Alginate Alternative

Where Does Alginate Alternative Fit Within the Thermo Clone™ Materials Family?

Thermo Clone Family Products

We’ve added an alginate alternative to the Thermo Clone impression material line because there are cases when a more expensive VPS impression material is not needed, but the task requires greater impression accuracy, dimensional stability, and ease-of-use than an alginate can provide.

There are a lot of reasons an alginate alternative would be useful to your office. For example, your office may send impressions to the lab instead of working in-house. Alginate alternative is dimensionally stable, providing longer storage times and repouring of impressions, making it perfect for out-of-office lab work.

Another reason might be that staff is becoming increasingly less comfortable mixing alginate and prefer the ease-of-use and convenience of alginate alternative.

No matter the reason, alginate alternative is a cost saver because the material itself is affordable and reduces prep time. It goes straight from the cartridge to the impression tray.

Alginate alternative is a perfect impression material for offices that mainly use digital scanning. Why? Because the material is easily used for a variety of impression taking needs. More importantly, it’s a cost-effective backup in cases where a digital impression is not the best choice, equipment is down, or equipment is in use by other patients.

“For new assistants or assistants that don’t take alginate impressions often (like my office) it is nice to have because it is easy to use. We do a lot of scanning but still find times we need to take an impression and most of my assistants are not confident with mixing alginate.”
—Dr. Brett Richins

Dimensional stability, low cost, and ease of use optimizes the following procedures for you:

  1. Anatomical models
  2. Opposing dentition models
  3. Preliminary impressions
  4. Fabricating temporary crowns and bridges
  5. Fabricating simple removable prosthetic restorations
  6. Producing models for whitening trays, bite trays, and surgical guides
  7. Fabrication of removable retainers and splints
  8. Orthodontic work
  9. Case study models
Thermo Clone Alginate Alternative Family Shot

A Thermal-Accelerated Set means curing begins as soon as it is placed in the patient’s mouth—leading to less distortion and imperfections.

Thermo CLone Alginate Alternative Table

Comparison After 24 Hours

Thermo Clone Alginate Alternative material maintains its shape during transfer to a lab. View the difference between Thermo Clone material and two alginate competitors after just twenty-four hours.

Thermo Clone Alginate Alternative Impression After 24 Hours

Thermo Clone Alginate Alternative

Alginate Competitor Impression After 24 Hours

Alginate Competitor

Alginate Competitor Impression After 24 Hours

Alginate Competitor

Thermo Clone Alginate Alternative

A Cost-Effective Alternative

You can repour the impression and create multiple models if needed. It saves you time and money.

Due to its flexibility, Thermo Clone Alginate Alternative material captures needed details and will release easily from undercuts.

“It is less expensive than traditional Thermo Clone™ [VPS material] and more expensive than our Chromaclone™ alginate. Fits nicely between the two. For the dentist that does not want to pour their own impressions and wants to send the impression to the lab, this is a cost and time saver.”
—Dr. Mark Pettit

Where Caring Dentistry

Our NEW Thermo Clone Alginate Alternative material, when used properly, will flow to capture accurate details when taking an impression. Take the right first impression for less and have patients coming back because you provide a more quality experience.

It’s available for purchase now, so feel free to purchase online or by calling your Ultradent sales representative today!

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Thermo Clone Alginate Alternative