High-Quality Disposable Composite Polisher

1. Select the Perfect Grit

Jiffy Spin disks shortens chair time without sacrificing quality for price. Click below and add Jiffy Spin disks to your practice today!

2. Deliver a Great Polish

Jiffy One single-use polishers are designed to deliver the great polish you and your patients want on any composite restoration. Our specially formulated diamond grit is able to achieve a great sheen in just one step using our medium-grit polisher. If you need extra luster, follow up with a fine-grit polisher for a simple, fast, and easy two-step process.

3. Throw it Away

With Jiffy One polishers there is no need to re-process your composite polishers after each procedure, no chance of cross-contamination when used properly, and no possibility of accidentally discarding expensive multi-use polishers. Simply grab a Jiffy One polisher, polish until you achieve the desired sheen, and then throw it away.

Try Jiffy One Polishers Today!

Jiffy One polishers combine quality and the convenience of disposability. Click below, then add Jiffy One polishers to your practice today!

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