10 years of Innovation

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2019 marks the VALO LED curing light’s 10th anniversary. The VALO curing light family has grown, but there are some things that have stayed the same: every VALO curing light is designed to give you the accessibility and the power you want, and the durability you need.


Every VALO light starts out as a single bar of tempered, high-grade aerospace aluminum, and is then CNC precision milled in our facility in Utah. This true unibody construction gives the VALO light superior heat dissipation and ensures that it is the most durable dental curing light available.

VALO Grand Aluminum

After 10 years, the VALO curing light is still the standard in curing lights. Yes, it’s durable—an accidental drop onto the floor is no match for the VALO light—but every member of the VALO light family also has the same power to cure any dental material and a sleek, low profile design to allow access to any restoration site in the mouth, even the back molar.

These unique qualities have earned the VALO light family quite a few awards through the years, which we are very proud of. But we don’t plan to stop here. We are very excited to announce that the VALO Grand curing light is now available in colors, and we have extended our VALO curing light warranty to 5 years. That’s how much we believe in the VALO light.

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