Ultrawave™ XS NiTiSonic Tip and Bottle Connector Kit

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The unique Ultrawave NiTiSonic tips are designed for continuous and intermittent passive ultrasonic irrigation, making the most important procedure in endodontics more efficient. The ultrasonic vibration of the tip allows the irrigation liquid to disrupt surface-adherent biofilmsand reach anatomic complexities within root canal systems.1, 2 The NiTiSonic tips are smooth and flexible, designed to navigate the curvatures of the root without removing dentin.

  • Designed for ultrasonic irrigation
  • Pushes irrigation liquid to enter the tubules of the root for a deeper clean
  • Smooth and flexible design

*NiTiSonic tips are designed for use with Ultradent’s Ultrawave devices only.*

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The Ultrawave XS Bottle Connector allows you to connect Ultradent bottles directly to your Ultrawave XS device and use the irrigant immediately. Plus, you can easily complete the final flush with water, making sure your device is internally clean.

  • Connects any Ultradent bottle directly to the Ultrawave XS device
  • Cuts down time during procedures
  • Minimizes waste

Technical Details

The Flexibility of NiTi Alloy

​The Ultrawave NiTiSonic tip is the only irrigation tip made of NiTi alloy, giving it the flexibility needed to easily advance to the working length and create a micro-acoustic streaming irrigant effect at the apical third.

Designed for Endodontics

​The #20 tip diameter and .02 taper allows the NiTiSonic tip to advance to the apical area in the early steps of instrumentation, right after the glide path is created with small-diameter hand files. The smooth surface of the tip doesn’t act on the dentin walls, preventing any active cutting action during the irrigation and cleaning phase.

Quick and Easy Irrigation

​The Ultrawave XS Bottle Connector makes it easier to use the proper irrigant (NaOCl or EDTA) during an endodontic procedure. It makes changing solutions during the irrigation and irrigant activation procedure quick, easy, and efficient, unlike the effort and waste required for emptying and filling the reservoir.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long should I use the NiTiSonic tip during a procedure?

    ​The length of time you use the NiTiSonic tip depends on the procedure. During instrumentation, between each instrument the sequence, you can perform continuous ultrasonic passive irrigation (CUPI) for 5 seconds, as the intention is to irrigate and remove debris caused by the instrumentation. After final shaping of the canal, use the NiTiSonic tip with EDTA solution for 30 seconds as final irrigation. This will help remove the smear layer from the canal walls.

  • How many times I can use the NiTiSonic tip before disposing of it?

    ​The tip is for a full root canal treatment and should be discarded after one use, just like any other endodontic instrument.

  • Can I use the NiTiSonic tip in extremely curved canals?

    ​The NiTiSonic tip should not be used in canals with a curvature greater than 45°. Because of the extreme curve, a large area of the tip will be in direct contact with the canal walls, which negatively impacts the vibration effect.

  • How do I calculate the working length for the NiTiSonic tip?

    ​Typically, find the working length for the NiTiSonic tip by taking 1 mm off the instrumentation working length. If your working length is 21 mm, use the NiTiSonic tip at 20 mm. You can create a mark on the tip with a permanent marker.

  • Where is the irrigant expressed on the NiTiSonic tip?

    ​The irrigant is expressed through a port on the side of the tip, not at the end of the tip.

  • What amplitude should I use for the NiTiSonic tip?

    The NiTiSonic tip is color-coded as green, so the maximum amplitude that should be used on the Ultrawave unit is 4. Do not use a different color-coded amplitude range or a different unit.

  • What is the proper way to tighten and remove the bottle cap for the Ultrawave XS Bottle Connector? Why does the bottle cap need to be so tight?

    ​The bottle cap needs to be tight so the bottle does not leak during the procedure. The base of the Ultrawave XS Bottle Connector works as a tool to tighten and unscrew the cap. Tightening the cap with your hands may cause the irrigant to leak from the bottle at the base during the procedure or when you are replacing the bottle.

  • Can a bottle of irrigant stay on the base all day?

    The irrigant will not gum up the base or valve, but the chemical in the irrigant is rather strong and can affect the lines and handpiece. If you use your Ultrawave XS unit frequently throughout the day, the chemical will not sit long enough to harm the unit. If you only use the unit on 1–2 patients per day, we recommend purging the system with water between patients.

  • 1. Robinson JP, Macedo RG, Verhaagen B, et al. Cleaning lateral morphological features of the root canal: the role of streaming and cavitation. Int Endod J. 2018;51(1):e55–e64. doi:10.1111/iej.12804
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