Ultrawave™ XS

LED Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler

Ultrawave XS LED piezoelectric ultrasonic device offers an intuitive design and Reflex technology that will give you and your patients a level of superior performance and gentle comfort other ultrasonic devices simply can’t. Scaling, endo, perio, and restorative procedures are now easier than ever, thanks to new advancements in piezoelectric technology. The Ultrawave device's Color-Coding System and wide variety of tips, also compatible with most tips on the market, makes instrument management simple and efficient.

  • Piezo’s linear motion provides easier, more comfortable, and more efficient scaling
  • Reflex technology allows automatic frequency adjustments creating a high precision application
  • Lightweight and ergonomic handpiece reduces physical stress caused by repetitive movements
  • The unique Color-Coding System matches tips to the ideal power setting
  • Wide range of amplitudes (power) for multiple clinical procedures
  • Comes with LED handpiece for better visibility and working comfort
  • Contains a large-capacity, detachable 300ml tank for irrigation solution
  • Compact design of unit makes it portable and easy to fit on a counter or treatment tray

Technical Details



Reflex Autotuning System

The Ultrawave XS device’s automatic frequency adjustment is 28 kHz–36 kHz, so the tip is always tuned into the right vibration frequency. The push-pull response gently controls the amplitude of the tip vibration, so treatments are performed with smooth and comfortable vibrations. The Ultrawave XS device uses an intelligent, real-time power adjuster to keep power just right according to the resistance met by the tip.

Lightweight LED Handpiece

​The special LED handpiece creates excellent visibility, even in posterior areas. The powerful, long-lasting light makes it easy to incorporate ultrasonification into endodontic procedures, which is essential for efficient cleaning and disinfection of the root canal.

Self-Contained Irrigation

​The large-capacity 300ml tank is easy to fill, even during a procedure. Use the touch-button purging to quickly clean and disinfect. The tank can be filled with your solution of choice (chlorhexidine, EDTA, sodium hypochlorite, etc.).

Color-Coding System

​Ultrawave XS piezoelectric unit offers exceptional ease of use through the Color-Coding System. Matching the right tip to the right power is simple and reliable. The colors green, blue, yellow, and orange allow tips to be used with the most efficient corresponding power setting on the control dial of the devices.

Variety of Procedures

Scaling & Restoration
Supragingival and subgingival tips are ideal for standard scaling. Ball-diamond tips are ideal for preparing small proximal cavities.

Perio tips allow for a full-mouth periodontal debridement by crisscrossing root surfaces using low lateral pressure and amplitude.

Endodontics & Apical Surgery
These tips are specially designed for challenging applications during root canal treatments, including removal of calcification and retreatment.

Post Removal
The ETPR tip is the ideal tool for loosening posts.


Before You Begin Using Ultrawave XS LED Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler

See Instructions for Use for complete instructions, warnings, and precautions.

Step 1

​Before beginning any procedure, check to ensure the water tank is filled and providing a slow but constant flow.

Step 2

​Based on the type of procedure you’re about to perform, select the corresponding tip and power setting. NOTE: A tip can be used with the matching color of its power level or lower. Do not match a tip with a power level higher than its corresponding color.

Step 3

Using the appropriate wrench, securely attach the tip to the handpiece. Adjust the water so that a light spray or slow paced drops of water are expressed from the tip. Water will need to be adjusted to fit the procedure and the specific tip used for that procedure.

Step 4

​After the procedure, if any solution other than water was used during the process, it is imperative to completely flush the unit and handpiece with clean water for two minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Reflex technology?

    Reflex technology utilizes the most advanced electronic components and over thirty years of piezo ultrasonic experience to provide you with satisfaction only an Ultrawave ultrasonic device can offer. With this intuitive technology, you hold in your hand amazing control, maximum device performance, and superior power for your wide variety of uses and applications.

  • What is different between the Ultrawave and Ultrawave XS piezoelectric devices?

    The Ultrawave XS device comes with all the same great features as the Ultrawave device, plus a self-contained irrigation tank and LED handpiece. The tank is perfect for procedures where you need mobility, and the LED handpiece allows for excellent visibility, even in posterior areas.

  • What procedures can an Ultrawave XS piezoelectric device be used with?

    Many! Covering periodontics, endodontics, prophylaxis, and minimally invasive restorative treatments, the Ultrawave XS device can do any job easily and efficiently.

  • Are Acteon and Satelec owned by or affiliated with Ultradent?

    No, Acteon® is a registered trademark of Acteon Corporation and Satelec® is a registered trademark of Satelec Corporation, companies of Acteon Group. Ultradent has selected this respected partner to offer a comprehensive line of quality products.

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