Gemini EVO™ / Gemini™ Diode Laser Accessories

Gemini safety glasses and the Gemini carrying case can be used with either the Gemini EVO™ laser or Gemini™ laser. Laser handpiece shells and laser power supplies are unique to each laser and cannot be interchanged.

The Gemini carrying case adds extra protection and convenience when storing or moving your diode laser and fits either the Gemini EVO™ or the Gemini™ diode lasers. Simply remove the foam insert from your diode laser packaging and place it in the Gemini carrying case to safely store your laser in the carrying case. The Gemini carrying case is made of insulated fabric and measures approximately 9.5" x 14" x 14". It features two handles and a shoulder strap for secure transportation, and a front pocket for convenient storage.

Available Accessories:

  • Carrying case
  • Safety glasses
  • Gemini EVO handpiece shell
  • Gemini handpiece shell
  • Gemini EVO power supply
  • Gemini power supply

Note: If you would like to order a foot pedal for Gemini EVO or Gemini diode lasers, please contact Equipment Repair at 801.553.4574.