VALO™ Battery Chargers

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VALO™ X, VALO™ Grand, and VALO™ Cordless curing lights are powered by VALO™ branded rechargeable batteries. Use VALO™ battery chargers to easily and quickly recharge your VALO™ brand rechargeable batteries so your VALO™ curing light is ready for any procedure.

VALO™ battery chargers are the only charging units that are recommended for use with VALO™ brand rechargeable batteries. It is not recommended to use any other brand of batteries with your VALO™ curing lights or with the VALO™ battery charging unit.

  • The only battery charging units compatible for use with VALO™ brand rechargeable batteries
  • Available in two models specifically compatible with either VALO™ X rechargeable batteries or VALO™ Grand/VALO™ Cordless rechargeable batteries
  • Do not use charger with any other branded battery than VALO™ brand batteries

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use any type of batteries in the VALO™ battery charging units?

    The VALO™ battery charging units are designed to only work with VALO™ branded rechargeable batteries.