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One Temporary Dental Resin
—So Many Possibilities!

J-Temp temporary resin was developed by Ultradent’s own Dr. Jaleena Fischer-Jessop to better meet the wide variety of needs that clinicians face. It is a radiopaque, light-cured, flowable, methacrylate-based resin that provides a durable—yet temporary—material for multiple uses such as temporary restorations, tooth buildups, and more.

J-Temp temporary resin can be dispensed through a Black Mini tip and Micro 20 ga tip.1 The viscosity of the material allows a predictable flow which adapts to the tooth structure.1 J-Temp temporary resin has less than a 5% shrinkage volume, reducing the possibility of an open margin around a temporary restoration.1 Its distinctive purple color is easy to differentiate from enamel and dentin. Additionally, it can be visualized under X-ray to ensure all temporary resin has been removed.1

Designed by dentists, for dentists, J-Temp temporary resin is the versatile multi-purpose every office needs. With so much to offer, it will quickly become one of your go-to products. Explore all you can do with J-Temp temporary resin below and try it today!


1. Temporary restorations

(endodontics, walking bleach technique, inlay/onlay, cusp buildup)


2. Splinting between multiple implant
copings for impressions to resist
impression material distortion.

isolation clamp

3. To provide structure for isolation clamping
and to act as a barrier for
endodontic irrigants.

isolation clamp

4. Bite ramps and temporary occlusal
buildups during orthodontics.

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