EndoREZ™ Points

Resin-Coated Gutta Percha Points

EndoREZ Points are standard ISO-sized gutta percha points coated with a thin resin coating, which bonds chemically to EndoREZ canal sealer. They are the first gutta percha points to achieve a chemical bond with sealer, providing a more effective seal than traditional gutta percha.

  • The ONLY resin-coated gutta percha
  • Chemically bonds to EndoREZ canal sealer and other resin-based sealers

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do EndoREZ Points contain latex?

    Natural rubber latex (NRL) is derived from the sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis, or rubber tree. Gutta-percha is derived from the Paliquium Gutta tree. Natural Rubber Latex and Gutta-percha are two separate and distinct materials. EndoREZ Gutta Percha Points are manufactured in compliance per ISO 6877 and are not manufactured with Natural Rubber Latex.

    For patients with severe Natural Rubber Latex allergies, we recommend consulting with the patient’s allergist prior to treatment in order to address any concerns.