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Transcend composite has been designed with Ultradent's Resin Particle Match™ technology. The balanced refractive indices between the resin and filler particles, combined with a carefully optimized tuning between translucency and opacity, allow Transcend composite to blend with most surrounding dentition with just one shade and without the use of a blocker.1

This means that Transcend composite's Universal Body shade is your new go-to for a myriad of cases. It's not just a shiny new thing to play with, it's a well-balanced, nature-mimicking machine that will stay with the patient for the long haul.

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Transcend Composite
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For More Complex

Esthetic Cases

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In addition to the Universal Body shade, Transcend composite also includes four dentin shades and two enamel shades for cases when a layering technique is appropriate. These layering shades were handpicked to include only the most popular shades from our esthetic composite lines to ensure you have the shades needed to accomplish restorative work done on a regular basis.

Shades A1D, A2D, A3D, and B1D all follow the VITA™ shade guide, and the enamel shades are a result of Ultradent's two bestselling enamel shades from the Vit-l-escence™ and Mosaic™ composite systems. Enamel Neutral is a more opaque enamel shade and Enamel White has more translucency.

Use the additional dentin and enamel shades of Transcend composite for cases like:

  • The reconstruction of anterior teeth with a noticeable difference between cervical and incisal areas (opaque and translucent regions)
  • Larger restorations such as occasional Class III and IV cases that lack the tooth structure from which the Universal Body shade draws color

These additional shades have also been designed for enhanced optical integration between composite and remaining dentition, and using them with a layering technique leads to beautiful outcomes.

We've compiled a brochure so that you can make most of your Transcend composite!

Transcend dentin shades

Ready for the Full Introduction?

There are two fully curated kits (two enamel shades, one Universal Body shade, and four dentin shades) to choose from: syringes or singles! Why not dive in to the full range of possibilities? You have everything you need now to build restorations which transcend a patient's every expectation.