Effortlessly Beautiful Restorations

Vit-l-escence™ esthetic restorative dental composite material is ideal for creating artistic anterior composite restorations, including direct veneers. The all-composite shade guide contains uniquely shaped tabs to assist in the most refined layering and shade selection possible. The formula is easy to sculpt and manipulate while boasting a high wear strength, making it perfect for posterior restorations.1 Creamy, sculptable, and long-lasting, even the most difficult dental restoration has met its match with Vit-l-escence dental composite.

vit-l-escence teeth before after 1 vit-l-escence teeth before after 2

Stunning Results Every Time

Using a simple technique, Vit-l-escence™ dental composite material allows you to layer enamel shades over dentin shades, creating superior, lifelike composite restorations for your patients. With 34 total shades to choose from, dental professionals have almost limitless options. Vit-l-escence™ dental composite has exceptional polishability, featuring a microhybrid composition that allows it to be polished into an enamel-like gloss. It can also be even more translucent than porcelain.

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