Universal Composite

Transcend universal composite is an innovative dental composite material used for direct and indirect restorations in both the anterior and posterior regions. It provides unprecedented shade matching with just one Universal Body shade due to its Resin Particle Match™ technology that eliminates the need for a blocker or opaquer to hide darker underlying colors.1 For anterior cases that demand more esthetic care, a simple and complementary shade system is available that includes four dentin and two enamel shades.

Transcend composite has a high compressive strength that helps the composite provide long-lasting restorations that can withstand the forces of mastication.1 Its ideal working consistency is easy to sculpt.1 Additionally, Transcend composite is incredibly resistant to wear1 and has a long-lasting gloss.1 With Transcend universal composite you can be confident in achieving exceptional, durable, esthetic results.

  • Universal Body shade—no blocker or opaquer required
  • Patented Resin Particle Match technology
  • Complementary shade system available for esthetic anterior cases
  • High compressive strength and wear resistance provide for long-lasting restorations1
  • Ideal working consistency is easy to sculpt1
  • Long-lasting gloss1


The Competition

Thanks to Ultradent's Resin Particle Match™ technology, the refraction indices of the resin and particles work together to allow Transcend composite to blend with the surrounding tooth color.1 Transcend composite and its Resin Particle Match technology is the best choice for clinicians who seek to improve their productivity and simplify their inventory control while providing excellent esthetic outcomes to their patients. For more esthetically demanding anterior cases, a simple and complementary shade system with four dentin and two enamel shades is available.

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High-Quality Optical and Physical Properties that

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resin particle match

Simply Beautiful Results

For any restoration

In addition to the Universal Body shade, Transcend composite also includes four dentin shades and two enamel shades for cases when a layering technique is appropriate. These layering shades were handpicked to include only the most popular shades from our esthetic composite lines to ensure you have the shades needed to accomplish restorative work done on a regular basis.

Download the Transcend composite shade system chart to help you streamline your inventory management and create highly esthetic results in any case.

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dr Gary Findley

Dr. Gary Findley

The Universal Body shade has amazing chameleon-like properties and doesn't require a blocker. I use it for the vast majority of my fillings. For those demanding cosmetic situations, the simple dentin and enamel shades allow for layering and give incredible results. Another home run product for Ultradent.

High Polishability

That Lasts

Transcend universal composite has excellent working consistency that makes it easy to sculpt, does not stick to instruments, stays where you want, and polishes beautifully.1 Note in the test below that the beautiful gloss of Transcend composite barely changes from its initial shiny texture after being subjected to 5,000 brushing cycles.1

Transcend lasting polish
Dr Mark Pettit

Dr. Mark Pettit

Transcend is a high-quality, no-compromise material that is a true universal shade-matching composite resin. It will become the workhorse product for your posterior composites, Class Vs, and many anterior restorations. It provides a high-quality result in a timely and cost-effective manner with excellent shade matching.

Dr Brett Richins

Dr. Brett Richins

Transcend has been an exciting addition to my daily clinical practice. We all want our dentistry to look as natural and as esthetic as possible while providing high-quality, long-lasting results. Transcend makes it quick and easy to match the shade for my patients. Transcend not only improves the final result but it also saves time and reduces stress because I can feel confident my shade match is going to be great!

Shade Adaptability

During Teeth Whitening

transcend whitening shades

No new composite restorations may be required after the whitening treatment is completed for teeth that have been previously restored with Transcend composite, as the shade of the composite can adapt itself to continue to match the optical properties of the surrounding dentition as teeth get whitened.1

For the whitening test above, the tooth restored with Transcend composite was exposed to room-temperature 10% carbamide peroxide whitening gel for a total of 8 hours. After this time, the tooth was taken out of the gel, rinsed, and stored in room-temperature water. The tooth was put back into water overnight. The process was repeated daily for a set of 3 consecutive days and photographs were taken approximately one hour after each whitening cycle. The carbamide peroxide gel was changed for each round of the whitening study.

dr Jessop

Dr. Jaleena Fischer-Jessop

Chief Clinical Officer

The clinicians who know me, know I am a faithful Vit-l-escence™ user. I like to place multiple layers for great esthetics whether I am restoring anterior or posterior teeth. However, there are times when I have felt it would be great to be able to just place one shade and not feel as though I have compromised the case. Transcend has accomplished this for me. I have been amazed at the beautiful case outcomes with just a single shade. I like having the simple 6 additional shade offerings for those cases where layering may be able to improve the result. With the Universal Body shade plus the dentin and enamel shades, I can cover about 90 percent of my cases.

Technical Details

Technical Details

Transcend Overview Chart1

Compressive Strength

Transcend composite has a high compressive strength that helps the composite provide long-lasting restorations that can withstand the forces of mastication.1

Wear Resistance

Mastication, brushing, and parafunctional habits such as bruxing and clenching are all things that could cause a dental composite to wear, thus changing the anatomy of the restoration and ultimately impacting the life quality of patients. Transcend composite is incredibly resistant to wear.1


A great dental composite is expected to present mechanical properties comparable to the tooth and should not be so hard or abrasive as to wear the opposing dentition. Dentin averages about 30–50 Knoop Hardness value (KH), whereas the average hardness for enamel is about 60–80 KH. Transcend composite measures at or near those known average values of natural dentition and enamel.1

Depth of Cure

A high conversion degree of monomers into polymers is essential for clinicians that wish to obtain longevity with their restorations. That high degree of conversion relies mainly on two pillars, the application of a good light-curing technique and the use of a composite that provides an ideal depth of cure such as Transcend composite.1



Transcend Fluorescence Image Transcend composite has the ability to harmoniously fluoresce in comparison to surrounding natural dentition that appears to glow under black lights.1

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