PermaFlo™ Pink

Alternative to Gingival Grafting
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Product Details

Gingival grafting isn't always an option. PermaFlo Pink features a unique masking ability that provides an attractive solution for prevalent gingival recession. The singular chemistry also allows PermaFlo Pink to cover exposed root structure, reducing sensitivity.

  • Light-cured, radiopaque, methacrylate-based flowable composite
  • Average particle size is 1µm
  • Thixotropic
  • 68% filled


Indications for Use

PermaFlo™ Pink

​Use PermaFlo Pink as a masking agent in Class V restorations where root structure is exposed or to mask gingival recession.


PermaFlo™ Pink

Building the Restoration

1. Following tooth prep and application of dentin bonding agent (we recommend Peak® Universal Bond), build restoration incrementally with PermaFlo Pink.
2. Resultant restoration can mask white root surfaces when gingival grafting isn't an option.

Technical Details

Attractive Solution for Gingival Recession

​PermaFlo Pink is the ideal esthetic option to cover gingival recession in Class V restorations. Since the color blends in with the gingiva, your results are always attractive and natural looking.

Reduced Sensitivity

​PermaFlo Pink's singular chemistry allows you to cover exposed root structure, reducing sensitivity and improving comfort for the patient.

Gluten Free

​Ultradent's PermaFlo Pink is gluten free, so it fits the lifestyles of patients from any background.

Customer Reviews


  • When should I use PermaFlo Pink?

    ​Use PermaFlo Pink to mask gingival recession, or to cover exposed root structure.

  • What is the average particle size of PermaFlo Pink?