Uveneer Kit

The unique, minimally invasive Uveneer direct composite template system creates beautiful composite veneers with predictable shape and symmetry. It mimics natural dentition and is designed to create high-quality, natural-looking anterior restorations in just one visit. Uveneer templates use innovative technologies that help achieve a refined, anatomically correct, high-gloss restoration in a fraction of the time than if done freehand. Results are both reproducible and predictable, making your anterior restorations faster and more cost effective.

Uveneer before and after courtesy of Dr. Rafael Beolchi and Dr. Fernando Rigolin. Courtesy of Dr. Rafael Beolchi and Dr. Fernando Rigolin.
Uveneer before and after courtesy of Dr. Hal Stewart. Courtesy of Dr. Hal Stewart.

Simple to Use for Fast & Cost-Effective Veneers

Uveneer direct composite templates make it easy to create beautiful veneers that mimic ideal tooth anatomy for beautiful symmetry. Their unique templated design allows you to create high-quality anterior restorations, require minimal adjusting or polishing, and are faster than sculpting each restoration by hand. Each template incorporates ideal height to width ratio, contour, embrasure, and center midline—resulting in beautiful symmetry every time. They can also be used for cosmetic mock-ups and shade selections, as well as temporary veneers during porcelain veneer creation. The ease and speed of the Uveneer template system will enhance the efficiency of any practice.

Uveneer template with annotations

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