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Optimal Viscosity

Ultra-Etch etchant is uniquely formulated with ideal viscosity. Though it is viscous, it can penetrate into the smallest fissures or occlusal surfaces due to physical and chemical properties that promote capillary action. Yet, Ultra-Etch etchant's ideal viscosity maintains a layer thick enough to prevent it from running on vertical surfaces.1


Ultra-Etch etchant's unique self-limiting chemistry reduces the risk of overetching, creating the optimal surface to receive resin.3 It is self-limiting in its depth of etch (average depth of 1.9 μm with 15-second etch)2. Liquid phosphoric acid (37%) showed an average of 5.0 µm at 20 seconds, and a competing “polymer thickened" etchant a 4.8 µm depth. Acids with this greater depth of etch go beyond the optimum level and increase the potential for incomplete resin impregnation.3

Ultra-Etch depth chart


Ultra-Etch Etchant


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