Ultradent Training

FREE Online Laser Dentistry Training

Ultradent has partnered with GLOH Education to offer you free online laser training. You may complete this complimentary online training option at no cost to you.

While this laser training course will provide you with in-depth education from clinical experts, Ultradent additionally recommends completion of a certified laser training course. Some states require specific training, so please consult with your state board on the necessary requirements.

Don’t forget that you can also network with other people from around the world who love Gemini dental lasers, exchange helpful tips, and make professional connections by joining the Gemini by Ultradent group on Facebook.

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Dr. Robert Levine

GLOH Education

Dr. Robert Levine offers both online and in-person training. The online training can be accessed by following the directions below (Ultradent will cover the cost of this online training).


  • A GLOH Education Coupon is necessary to redeem your free course. Please email lasertraining@ultradent.com with the last five digits of your Gemini Laser’s serial number; the name of the doctor who is redeeming the course; and your office’s information including office name, phone number, and ZIP code. Your GLOH Education Coupon number will be emailed to you.
  • After you receive your GLOH Education Coupon number click here
  • Click on "Online Courses"
  • Select "Basic Diode" and "Add to Cart"
  • Create an account
  • Enter the GLOH Education Coupon number you received in the “GLOH Education Coupon Holders” box during checkout
  • Enjoy your online training course!