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Whiten with Caries Prevention using Opalescence PF

February 24, 2006 South Jordan, UT

Potassium Nitrate plus Fluoride found in Opalescence PF1 combined with the proven effectiveness of Ultradent’s carbamide peroxide formula offers a powerful solution for take-home tooth whitening. Clinicians now have a prescription for tooth whitening while preventing the incidence of caries. 

Recent studies using Opalescence PF have demonstrated that Ultradent’s patented formula results in greater overall enamel health and strength. A study in the Journal of Operative Dentistry reports that the combination of Potassium Nitrate and Fluoride in Opalescence reduces the susceptibility of caries2. In the same study, it is also reported that Opalescence PF increases the mineral content of the enamel for greater tooth strength. 

In addition to the proven benefits of caries prevention, Opalescence PF lowers tooth sensitivity. Opalescence PF and other Opalescence products are available in a variety of concentrations, formulations, flavors and kit configurations to meet all whitening needs. 

As the leader in whitening for over 25 years, Ultradent is excited to announce another breakthrough. With caries prevention, improved overall enamel health and unsurpassed whitening, Opalescence PF has revolutionized the quality and benefits of tooth whitening. 

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1Use of Potassium Fluoride (PF) in conjunction with tooth whitening is patented technology exclusively licensed to Ultradent Products, Inc. 
2Al-Qunaian TA, The effect of Whitening Agents on Caries Susceptibility of Human Enamel, Journal of Operative Dentistry, 2005. ​

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