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ViscoStat Clear Received Exceptional Rating from CRA Evaluators

October 1, 2006 South Jordan, UT

Ultradent Products, Inc.’s ViscoStat Clear received an exceptional rating in CRA’s August 2006 edition of the Clinician’s Guide to Dental Products and Techniques. ViscoStat Clear was featured as “noteworthy” with 93 percent of CRA evaluators reporting that they would incorporate the product in their practice. 

ViscoStat Clear is an Aluminum Chloride hemostatic gel designed to arrest minor bleeding and sulcular fluid without leaving a residue. Ultradent recommends ViscoStat Clear as the primary choice for restorations in the esthetic zone. CRA evaluators reported several advantages to ViscoStat Clear including 1) It does not stain soft tissue, teeth or restorations, 2) It quickly controls minor bleeding, and 3) It’s easy to dispense and use. Evaluators were unanimous in their rating of ViscoStat Clear as excellent/good or worthy of trial by colleagues. 

ViscoStat Clear’s viscous but spreadable consistency is unlike other buffered aluminum chloride solutions in providing better placement and control. The gel is also unique in its direct syringe delivery system. 

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