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UniCore Post and Drill System Now Available In a Starter Kit Configuration

April 1, 2007 South Jordan, UT

Ultradent Products, Inc. now offers the UniCore post and drill system in a convenient Starter Kit configuration containing the two most popular sizes of drills and posts – sizes #1 and #2. 

The UniCore Starter Kit contains ten posts – five each of sizes #1 and #2. The kit also contains a size #1 drill and size #2 drill. The UniCore post is esthetic, translucent, and is based on industrial composite technology, resulting in a post that is flexible and durable like dentin, but rigid and refined enough to provide excellent retention of coronal restorative materials. The patented UniCore drill is capable of removing up to 15 ThermaFils, gutta percha, Resilon cones, and other obturators before needing to be discarded. The drill also features a heat-generating tip and high-bandwidth flutes to quickly excavate fiber posts without the need for extra drills and reamers (up to five procedures per drill.) 
The UniCore Starter Kit is packaged in intuitive, spill-proof modules that greatly simplify setup and sterilization. The posts and drills can be autoclaved in the module, minimizing the time necessary to sterilize posts and drills. 
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