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Ultrapro Tx Now Available for the “Ultra Professional”

October 15, 2008 South Jordan, UT

Ultradent Products, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of a new hygiene line, Ultrapro Tx. This product line is designed for the “ultra professional” – the individual that seeks exceptional performance at a professional quality level. Ultrapro Tx incorporates over 20 products including the ergonomically sleek and user-friendly handpiece, disposable prophy angles and potassium nitrate and fluoride (PF)-fortified prophy pastes. 

Ultrapro Tx was a natural extension of Ultradent’s core prevention products including UltraSeal XT plus, Flor-Opal Varnish White and Ultradent’s complete line of PF whitening products. The extension includes the Ultrapro Tx handpiece which is a light-weight, ergonomic, sleek design with fluid maneuverability. The high torque and reduced resistance motor with vibration free operation make the handpiece effective, yet mess-free for the patient. 

The Ultrapro Tx prophy angles complement the smooth-running and ergonomic design of the handpiece. The cups have improved flare for greater subgingival access and color-coding for easy identification. The prophy paste, available in delicious mint, dye-free bubble gum and Ultradent’s signature Walterberry flavor, complete the segment of the line designed for tooth polishing and debridement. These pastes are unique in offering the benefits of PF, reinforcing the prevention capabilities of Ultradent’s hygiene product line. 

For more information on the new Ultrapro Tx product line or any of Ultradent’s oral hygiene products, please call 800.552-5512 or visit Ultradent online at ​

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