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Ultradent Releases New MTAFlow™ White Repair Cement

May 12, 2020 South Jordan, Utah

Ultradent Products, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of high-tech dental materials, is unveiling a new Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) repair cement in the MTAFlow™ product family, MTAFlow White repair cement.

MTAFlow White repair cement gives clinicians the same safe delivery and customizable consistency of the original MTAFlow™ repair cement, now in a nonstaining formula. This versatile repair cement is designed to mix quickly, smoothly, and easily for a variety of procedures. It can be conveniently delivered through Ultradent’s syringes and tips, ensuring precise placement for effective treatment.

The mixing ratio of the powder and gel components can be combined into various levels of viscosity, from a putty consistency to a consistency so flowable it can be delivered via a 29 ga NaviTip™ tip.

Developed as an option for procedures in the esthetic zone of the tooth, MTAFlow White repair cement has bioactive properties to promote healing, sets quickly, and resists washout, allowing clinicians to lightly rinse the area (after five minutes post-placement) without dislodging.


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