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Ultradent Proudly Introduces Endo-Eze® Endodontic Hand Files and Burs

September 1, 2015 South Jordan, Utah

​Ultradent Products Inc., is pleased to announce the launch of the Endo-Eze Endodontic Hand Files and Burs. This full line of endodontic hand files and burs is was designed with shaping efficiency and superior instrumentation in mind, as well as the comfortable transmission of the operator’s movements.

This newest addition to Ultradent’s Endo-Eze line of products offers dental experts the balanced flexibility and resistance of a full range of K-Files; the sharpness and cutting ability (with added flexibility) of NiTi K-Files; and the spiral-designed, fluted, Hedstrom Files (H-Files). Endo-Eze’s newest offering also features Flex Files, which are made of stainless steel alloy with increased flexibility, and Finger Spreaders, which help to safely open the space for lateral compaction of the gutta-percha. The Endo-Eze stainless steel and nickel-titanium files were created using a state-of-the-art alloy treatment, giving them the flexibility to negotiate curvatures and the resistance needed to advance to the apical third. The ergonomic handles help to improve clinical performance, offering better tactile feedback and reduced fatigue.

In addition to the new and extensive endodontic file offering, Ultradent is also pleased to offer two new Endo-Eze Endondontic Burs—The Peeso Reamer Bur and the Gates Glidden Bur.

The Peeso Reamer Bur is specially designed to prepare the canal orifice for straight-line access, and can be used for the initial removal of gutta-percha in retreatment. It also features a non-cutting tip for increased safety. The Gates Glidden Bur allows for deeper penetration in straight canals, but can also be used in the straight section of curved canals. The Gates Glidden Bur also features a safe, non-cutting tip.

To learn more or to purchase Ultradent’s new, complete line of Endo-Eze Endodontic Hand Files and Burs, please call Ultradent Products at 800.552.5512 or visit

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